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ACS Technologies Lifts Support with Avaya Digital and Avaya Mobile Experience

ACS Technologies
ACS Technologies


  • Lower cost of toll-free calls

  • Bolster response capacity

  • Expand multichannel engagement options

  • Gain greater customer insight

Value Created

  • Reduced toll call expenses by 40% annually

  • Increased response capacity

  • Gained greater customer behavior insight

  • Positioned for greater omnichannel engagement


  • Avaya IX™ Digital

  • Avaya Mobile Experience

The more mobile users engaged the contact center at ACS Technologies, a leading provider of software and services to churches and schools, the more ACST wanted to find more effective and more personalized ways to engage with those users. Avaya Mobile Experience® and Avaya IX™ Digital have shown the way.

The Lord may move in mysterious ways, but a contact center should not—particularly when that contact center belongs to ACS Technologies (ACST), a firm renowned for the software it has developed to support faith-based organizations. Indeed, houses of worship large and small— representing many denominations—rely on software created by ACST to manage everything from finances and growth strategies to child check-in and check-out at Sunday school. They don’t want mystery when they’re calling with a question or an issue. In turn, ACST wanted to be able to manage inbound calls to its contact center with greater confidence and lower cost. It also wanted to be able to expand the capabilities of its contact center to accommodate more than just voice calls—to evolve into an omnichannel contact center that would enable customers to reach out via voice, text, email and other channels as their needs demanded.

Given all this, it’s no mystery at all that ACST chose to expand the capabilities of its contact center by adding Avaya Intelligent Xperiences™ (IX™) Digital and Avaya Mobile Experience®.

With our Avaya Mobile Experience dashboard, we can see that 25% of our inbound calls are from mobile devices. The savings we’ve gained are considerable. This year, we’re projecting an annual savings of around 40% compared to last year.

Raising confidence levels and lowering costs

Like many software platform developers, ACST has embraced the cloud. This makes it easy for ACST’s customers, for if a question or an issue arises they don’t need to troubleshoot on site. They just phone a toll-free number to connect with the technical experts in the ACST contact center.

But ACST pays for every inbound call to its toll-free number, and the cost of those calls was adding up. In search of a way to lower those costs without lowering customer accessibility to its contact center, ACST turned to Avaya Mobile Experience. ACST is benefiting from SIP trunking toll-free rates that came with Avaya Mobile Experience. It has positioned itself to identify mobile callers and provide them a web experience for fast access to the information callers need, cutting wait times and freeing agents to focus on higher-value activities.

“With our Avaya Mobile Experience dashboard, we can see that 25% of our inbound calls are from mobile devices,” says Dustin Fails, the Network/Telecom Administrator ACST. "The savings we’ve gained from using Avaya Mobile Experience are considerable. This year, we’re projecting an annual savings of around 40% compared to last year.”

Cost savings are not the only benefit that ACST has gained from Avaya Mobile Experience. The flexibility and resilience of the solution gives Fails confidence that customers will never encountering a busy signal when trying to connect with the call center—even during times of unusually high call volumes.

“We’ve never quite had a problem with callers getting busy signals because the infrastructure was overwhelmed, but we’ve been close a few times. With Avaya Mobile Experience, though, it doesn’t matter what gets thrown at us. If one of our products goes down and we get a sudden spike in calls, Avaya Mobile Experience is elastic enough to accommodate that spike. Callers never get a busy signal—that call will be served.”

ACS Technologies

The rising tide of omnichannel

The fact that so many ACST customers are interacting with the contact center using mobile devices means that it’s only a matter of time before customers start wanting to interact in different ways—via text or email or some other channel that mobile can facilitate. While no clients were actively clamoring for such channels, Fails and his team knew it was the right time to prepare ACST for the next level of customer service engagement.

Avaya Mobile Experience is ready to digitally route incoming callers to other channels that provide a better experience. This promises to further reduce costs for incoming calls, while at the same time increasing channels of choice for the customer.

“ACST has been using skills-based routing with Avaya Elite Multichannel for the past nine years,” says Fails, “and now it was time to see how we could make our already great customer service even better—so we chose to implement Avaya IX Digital.”

“Avaya IX Digital enables us to provide higher quality service and enables our clients to contact us through many different channels,” Fails goes on to say. “It also enables us to deliver a much more personalized service. An agent can use the customer journey module to see how many times a customer has called in about an issue, whether they've been on our website, even where they've been on the website—so that we can provide better, more personalized support.

“If we can see that they've called within the past 10 days about a particular issue,” he continues, “Avaya IX Digital will pass the customer to an agent with a higher level of expertise the second time they call in. We’re more likely to solve a problem quickly and they won't have to call a third, fourth, or fifth time.”

ACS Technologies

Faith based on experience

ACST has been working closely with faith-based communities for more than 40 years, but the decision to adopt Avaya IX Digital wasn’t simply an act of faith. It was faith based on experience.

“We've been working with Avaya for so long that we didn't even look at other vendors,” says Fails. “Avaya’s products have always been rock-solid. We've never had any issues. And the direction the company is going with Avaya IX Digital? It’s definitely the direction we want to take as we evolve into an omnichannel center.”

About ACS Technologies

Since 1978, ACS Technologies has been developing solutions for faithbased organizations. The company’s cloud-based solutions enable churches to manage groups, events, finances, donor relationships, volunteers, staff, childcare, schedules, mailings, reporting, Web sites, growth strategies and more.

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