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Going Mobile: Creating Experiences that Matter with the Avaya Mobile Experience

As some people who follow my blogs might know, one of the key projects I lead as Avaya’s VP of Innovation is the...

David Chavez

September 12 3 min read

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The Foundation for Automation in Customer Experience

When we think of ‘automation’ today we often think of artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots. However, in...

Gregg Widdowson

September 05 2 min read

5 Reasons Brands Fail at Customer Experience

If I were to ask you if you understand the importance of customer experience, you would look at me like I have three...

Eric Rossman

August 26 3 min read

Facial Recognition and the Opportunities for Better Customer Experience

In George Orwell’s epic novel 1984, our protagonist Winston Smith is constantly aware that he must toe the...

Thomas Smith

August 14 3 min read


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