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Customer Experience

Effortless Experiences, Every Time

Cloud-Powered Opportunities

Today’s multiexperience economy brings endless opportunity in a digital journey that crosses any device or app across various touchpoints. With Avaya, you can build customer loyalty by creating easy, fully-integrated interactions across any channel, any time.


Seamless Connections

Create a fully connected customer experience within any digital journey, whether you’re focusing on the contact center or UC.

Flexible Cloud Deployment

Choose the flexible deployment model that meets your business needs, whether it’s 100% as-a-service, a hybrid approach, or an on-premises solution.

Empowered Employees

Arm your employees with the tools they need to stay fully engaged so that they can deliver a superior customer experience.


More than 80% of companies view customer experience as a competitive differentiator


Avaya serves customers in more than 175 countries


​Avaya powers more than 12 trillion communications experiences worldwide per year

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Bringing to Life the Future of Experiences

Listen to "The Experience" for thought-provoking conversations about how your enterprise can gain advantage in the Experience Economy by creating memorable interactions for customers and employees alike. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Aragon Research Names Avaya a Contact Center Leader for Third Straight Year

The 2021 Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Contact Centers highlights how Avaya drives a better experience for both customers and employees. Read the report to learn more about how Avaya OneCloud CCaaS uses data and AI to power next-gen experiences.

Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Center, 2021

Ventana Research Names Avaya a Top CCaaS Provider

In its Contact Center in the Cloud Value Index 2021, Ventana evaluates CCaaS vendors for product and customer experience, capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and more. Ventana classifies Avaya as Innovative, notable for capabilities and usability.

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Ventana Research Names Avaya a Top CCaaS Provider

What Every Business Needs to Consider for Amazing Customer Service

Bring your customer experience forward with new digital services that connect every channel, serve every device, and make both your teams and customers feel empowered. We can show you how.

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What Every Business Needs to Consider for Amazing Customer Service

A Day in the Life of Your Contact Center

See how you can create better experiences for both customers and staff. Read the stories of different businesses solving their customer service challenges using Avaya OneCloud CCaaS. We explore AI-powered solutions for integrated desktops and virtual assistants, in-the-moment data retrieval, real-time reporting, and an empowered workforce.

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A Day in the Life of Your Contact Center

Explore Gartner Research

The Everything Customer

Gartner explores how digital has created customers who want everything, including seemingly contradictory experiences (private yet personal, in-person and self-serve, feature-rich but easy). Find the right technology to serve your Everything Customers.

Create a Total Experience Strategy for Your Enterprise

Gartner explores why and how to elevate digital experiences across your entire organization. When you crush silos to interweave user experience and multiexperience, then apply them to both your customer and employee experiences, you achieve a total experience.


Podcast Episode Cover - Preparing for the Experience Economy


Preparing for the Experience Economy, with Avaya CMO, Simon Harrison

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Guaranteeing a Successful Total Experience Strategy

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