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Transforming Education

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Deliver a More Connected, Mobile, and Safer Learning Experience

Advances in technology are ushering a revolution in centuries-old protocols. The dissemination of knowledge is no longer tied to a physical campus or traditional classrooms. Cloud-based computing, mobile connectivity and streaming video enable collaboration and learning to take place anytime and anywhere.

For school districts and higher education institutions communication isn’t simply about a phone system, it is about expanding the reach of knowledge in ways unimaginable before, fostering collaboration inside and outside the classroom and ensuring that students, faculty and staff are kept safe.

Communication at the Top of its Class

Education administration runs on Avaya Cloud Office. From small colleges and private schools to tutoring services and more, your entire team can stay connected with an all-in-one app that keeps everyone on the same page from any device—anywhere.

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Communication at the Top of its Class

Campus Safety

Improve Security and Response Capabilities

Disseminate information rapidly and consistently to security, students, and faculty

  • Automatically send alerts by email, SMS or voice when a critical event occurs
  • Send specific notifications by different regions of the campus
Improve Security and Response Capabilities
Young children in school learning as a group.

Education Quality

Improve Academic Quality

Help ensure successful student outcomes

  • Provide cost-effective online and offline learning experiences
  • Offer affordable distance, online and hybrid learning solutions


Reach New Applicants

Leverage technology to create a competitive advantage

  • Connect with applicants beyond traditional geographies and communication channels
  • Attract and retain student and staff with new technology
Group of students having a discussion.

How Avaya Can Help

Provide Best–in-Classroom Experiences

  • Connect using cloud and mobile apps
  • Learn using HD video conferencing
  • Work inside virtual learning environments

Enable Clear and Timely Communications

  • Strengthen relationships with students
  • Foster better collaboration
  • Connect using multichannel communications
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InTele Training Shares Behind-the-scenes Success Stories of Avaya Cloud Office

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St. John’s Lutheran School


St. John’s Lutheran School Maintains 100% Enrollment Using Avaya Spaces

Loughborough Schools Foundation


Loughborough Schools Foundation Lifts Standards on School Safety

Lincoln Memorial University


Lincoln Memorial University Modernizes Multicampus Communications with Avaya Cloud Office

Use Avaya Spaces to Create an Online Classroom—Free for 60 Days

With in-person teaching greatly reduced, educators are depending on virtual classrooms. Avaya Spaces delivers an always on, easily scalable online classroom. Start your free 60-day trial now.

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Use Avaya Spaces to Create an Online Classroom—Free for 60 Days



Avaya Spaces Changes the Classroom Game


Taking High School Virtual During the Pandemic

News Release

A South Africa College Takes Classrooms Virtual

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