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Avaya solutions for digital banking

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Create an effortless banking experience for customers.

Imagine your bank delivering cloud-based, in-the-moment experiences to employees and customers alike—without straining IT resources or provoking business risk.

Make perfect connections

Serve your customers how and when they want—and instantly adapt to their needs.

Be always on

Be ready with all the info, resources, and support your customers need—balance inquiries, proactive payment reminders, fraud prevention, password resets, and more.

Provide virtual services

Provide a complete, digital, online banking experience. Loan applications, account changes, finance reviews—all in a few clicks.

Go AI-powered

Let customers seamlessly transition from a browser-based chat session with a virtual agent to a live expert when needed.

Stay secure

Securely authenticate customers using facial biometrics or native-language processing to interpret their enquiries. 

Technology and customization that helps achieve your top goals.

We take a deep look at five strategic priorities in digital banking—customer experience, use of data, security, hybrid work and cloud solutions—and explore the solutions you need to improve experiences and grow your business.

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Build a better financial services employee experience.

Having a single, AI-powered view of your entire customer journey helps you create an exceptional banking experience.

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Workstream collaboration

In the work-from-anywhere model, enable teams to communicate with each other and with customers via integrated chat, voice, video, and meetings, combined with business workflows and other productivity applications.

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Empowered employees

Improve services and experiences when you fuse flexibility and adaptability into your organization. Remove communication roadblocks that prevent seamless collaboration and information sharing.

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Digital co-workers

Deploy conversational artificial intelligence through virtual assistants, which can help customers save time on basic banking tasks as well as free up employees' valuable time.

Avaya Experience Platform for financial services.

With a single view to how your employees engage with your customers and technologies, leaders can more easily see where strategic solutions can enhance work experiences, drive efficiencies, and transform your customer experience.

  • Automation and self service: Proactive notifications, speech and visual self-service, IVR, campaign and outbound management
  • Voice and digital channels: Video, voice, chat, SMS, messaging, social, co-browsing, and bring-your-own-channel
  • AI and virtual assistants: Sentiment analysis, knowledge management, and virtual co-workers

  • Workforce engagement management: Call and screen recording, quality management, workforce collaboration
  • AI-enhanced workflow orchestration: Workflow design and automation
  • AI analytics and insights: Analytics on desktop, speech, and processes—plus CRM integration and performance management

  • Security and biometrics: Highly secure, private, and compliant voice and facial biometrics
  • Advanced routing: Context, insight, attributes, and AI that matches members to the best resources
  • Seamless transfers: From self-service to agents or member advisors, includes full context and a single view from all channels

Employ a virtual agent to transform your customer experience.

AI virtual agents improve the self-service app experience by conversing with callers, providing self-help solutions and, when needed, seamlessly escalating calls to live agents. Imagine your virtual agent as a new employee, like Caleigh here. Her CV shows all the capabilities a virtual agent can bring to your customer experience.

Looking to expand your services in account management personalized financial advice? I'm ready—plus I'm always discreet and secure.

Caleigh OgdenFinancial Services Virtual Agent

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InspereX takes experiences to the cloud

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Five ways to create a hybrid workforce.

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1. Break down decision making barriers

Banks rely heavily on executing quick, agile decisions in response to volatile market conditions. But overreliance on virtual work solutions can slow decision making and eliminate spontaneous learning and creativity between clients and co-workers.

Leaders need to connect more meaningfully with easy information sharing and collaborative problem solving to reach decisions quickly. With Avaya OneCloud, employees across the banking ecosystem can go beyond meetings to drive business outcomes across the entire collaboration continuum—everything before, during, and after the meeting. So, teams spend less time meeting and more time solving.

Woman working in modern glass office

2. Put employees first

As people return to their office environments, it’s paramount to instill a sense that you’ve got their backs. A safe and positive return experience is key to gaining their confidence and maintaining their trust.

There are three immediate priorities for a safe transition back to on-premises work: Plan, profile, and protect. Most large banks have developed a plan and are confident in their ability to protect and enable people at work. But deciding the profile of who should return, and when, is more complex—this requires the right blend of what’s possible under regulations, what’s needed regarding operational efficacy, and what’s feasible and preferable in terms of employees’ wellbeing.

COVID-19 reminded everyone that a crisis can occur at any time, with little or no warning. Banks and other businesses view working from home as a way to quickly respond and maintain productivity if they are hit by another major disruption.

Man working from home

3. Ensure virtual collaboration is secure and compliant

Data protection and mitigation of cybersecurity risks present major challenges for remote work—particularly for banks. The financial services sector is heavily regulated because banks need measures to keep information flow safe and secure. With remote working, there’s a much wider surface layer to protect, so banks need complete visibility, and control of employee collaboration tools to monitor use and stop risks from becoming threats.

Similarly, trading banks also experience compliance issues with remote working because they need to prevent illicit information sharing. It’s almost impossible to enforce this when traders are remote unless employees work in spaces within their homes that meet minimum standards and enable offsite monitoring.

Regulators, private corporations, and industry bodies acknowledge that the Cloud not only offers exceptional flexibility and speed, but that it’s also a safe and secure environment for personal, private, and even secret data. With Avaya OneCloud, your customers can securely store colossal amounts of data online, meaning you can become the secure, compliant, connected ecosystem partner helping them access whatever they want, before they even ask.

Video call online meeting with colleagues

4. Prepare frontline staff to solve issues quickly

The pandemic caused outsourced call centers to shut down, creating a sea of backlogs and unhappy customers. Likewise, lockdowns severely impacted offshore service centers that were equipped to function only with onsite staff.

Overall, banks managed the mass transition to remote working with remarkable effectiveness, continuing to staff branches with small teams of key personnel maintaining vital functions in offices. One pressure point was servicing and administering the overwhelming number of applications for government-backed relief loans, for which banks drafted large numbers of staff as support. This may have been a short-term fix with productivity flattening somewhat as the pressures of combining work and home life continued.

The pandemic underscored the need for frontline agents being prepared to solve issues in seconds. They need a go-to knowledge hub with communication that’s as good as in-person interactions. With Avaya OneCloud, you can deliver the real-time responsiveness customers deserve from an on-demand workforce that's primed and ready to meet unique needs.

Call center agent working in an office

5. Replicate, learn, and expand

Thanks to complete visibility and integration, banking leaders can continually improve workforce operations to suit how employees work. With AI, workflows can be automated, with integrated processes across a single platform making getting work done even easier.

In the future, it’s likely automation will be embedded in the enterprise for repeatable, cognitive tasks, freeing staff to focus on moments of value to enhance customer experiences. More and more, the tasks they perform will be evaluated as to how they impact customer services. Moving forward, banks will work with more than one service provider to spread risk, bring more activity back onshore through managed service arrangements, and take automation and digitization to the next level.

COVID-19 has shown that banks can work in different ways while remaining productive and delivering customers the experiences they want most. Now they need to focus on sustainable hybrid working models. There’s a huge opportunity to decisively accelerate digitization, increased automation, and reshape workforces. This means challenging their own culture. Work needs to be designed for how people work, throughout their careers. Avaya is galvanizing change in digital communications, opening a whole ecosystem of tools and technologies so people can work together in real time with maximum productivity and comfort.

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