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The Avaya Experience Platform is the future of Enterprise CX, with a holistic customer experience that fosters human interaction and takes full advantage of emerging innovation.

The Freedom To Chose Your Journey

Innovate without disruption at your pace with technologies to accelerate new business outcomes while keeping your existing systems.

The real-world impact of artificial intelligence on CX.

Dive into the latest research from Avaya and Gartner to gain strategic insights for your business. From contact centers to personalized interactions, AI is the secret sauce for success.

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Avaya sponsorships

Avaya is proud to sponsor individuals who exemplify “experiences” with their positive vibe and drive to live life to the fullest. Avaya is sponsoring adventure racers Nathan Fa’avae and Sophie Hart as they emabark on the Yukon 1000, the world’s toughest survival and endurance race. 

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Organizations around the world choose Avaya for better customer experiences.

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Powering up customer care.

Using Avaya's on-prem solution, Edenor provided a technological capacity of 384 voice agents and digital channels, including 300+ IVR ports, 50 digital channel agents, 60 video agents, and integrated outbound campaigns.

Powering up customer care.
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Smart move.

Atento constantly boosts customer satisfaction and agent productivity with always learning AI that takes customer conversations from recordings to actionable insights.

Smart move.
A surgeon and surgical assistant consult over a patients chart.

They have you at hello.

At Johns Hopkins Healthcare System, personalized service begins with a rep who already knows which patient is calling and has their health history ready on screen.

They have you at hello.
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Never miss a beat.

For DIRECTV in Latin America, keeping communications available at 99.95% and scaling up capacity for special events is just the start of its ongoing digital transformation.

Never miss a beat.
Two university staff members attend a working session.

Class is in session.

Clemson University develops an online experiential course that's even more successful than its traditional in-person counterpart, netting the school an Education Hero of the Year award.

Class is in session.
G-Star Raw ad photo shows denim product worn by running athlete.

Perfect fit.

Denim brand G-Star loves their makeover from a traditional phone system to an easy-care, feature-rich, cloud-based, full-on collaboration solution.

Perfect fit.
Nebraska Medicine
Fiber Industries
Good Year
Cincinnati Bell
Marine Rescue Technologies
Neiman Marcus
W. Bruford


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