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Delivering A More Connected Experience For Healthcare Providers

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Connect the ever-changing needs of your patients and care team.

Communications between your care team and patients along their health journey is vital to your mission of supporting care plans and reducing readmissions. Connecting people, resources, data and solutions, leads to optimized operations, reduced risk, increased operational efficiency and profitability. When it comes to the digital transformation of your healthcare system, nothing’s more important than a flexible communications solution.

Enhancing patient access and employee experience with AI.

Avaya's CX solutions revolutionize healthcare access by ensuring patient privacy, offering personalized service, and seamlessly integrating AI with human interactions.

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Improve patient outcomes.

Help your care team members communicate seamlessly so they’re more accessible—to each other and to patients. Be ready anytime, anywhere to collaborate about care, provide patient support, and respond to emergencies.

  • Integrate communications into workflows
  • Keep electronic health records up to date
  • Proactively check in with patients
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Create a better patient experience.

First, give patients many ways to connect with you—support multiple inbound and outbound communication channels. Then, streamline behind-the-scenes systems that keep up with data and information.

  • Simplify scheduling, referrals, and transfers
  • Automatically send patient reminders
  • Improve revenue cycle inquiries
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Personalize & coordinate care plans.

Deliver the most appropriate, convenient, and cost-effective care by using telehealth video and proactive outreach to patients, wherever they are.

  • Provide remote access to specialists and care teams
  • Monitor preventative, chronic, home, and end-of-life care plans
  • Reduce no shows and leakage
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Take care of your patient care teams.

Replace outdated, manual processes with streamlined, automated workflows that leverage automated communications tools. You’ll free care team members to focus more on delivering care—and less on delays and rework.

  • Introduce click-to-find for team members
  • Ensure that communications are closed loop
  • Include each care team's entire circle of contacts

How Avaya can help:

Collaboration solutions

  • Mobile communications
  • Secure multimedia communications
  • Automated workflows

Patient services

  • Resource matching
  • Omnichannel solutions
  • Automated administration

Virtual care

  • Video, audio, and web solutions
  • Open, flexible integrations
  • Proactive outreach capabilities

Customized designs

With your business goals top of mind, Avaya healthcare experts consult on your tailored solution, from design to deployment

HIPAA-compliant solutions

HIPAA-compliant options for Healthcare, supported by an independent third-party audit, are available for Avaya Spaces, Avaya Cloud Office, Avaya Cloud Notification Solution (ACNS), Avaya OneCloud IX Contact Center, Avaya OneCloud ReadyNow, Avaya Conversational Intelligence, and for Avaya Managed Services premise-based solutions.

Employ a virtual agent to transform your patient experience.

With our improved self-service app experience, AI virtual agents converse with callers, providing self-help solutions and, when needed, seamlessly escalating calls to live agents. Imagine your virtual agent as a new employee, like Maddox here. His CV shows all the capabilities a virtual agent can bring to your patient experience.

The influx of questions about Healthcare can be overwhelming. Offload the routine stuff to me—I can assist with scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and more.

Maddox PaulHealthcare Virtual Agent

Customer stories

Two doctors walking down a hospital hall

A healthy solution: Buchholz/Winsen Hospitals set the course for digitalization

Utilizing a geo-redundant communication network based on the Avaya UCaaS/ Avaya Aura platform, the hospitals are creating the foundation for efficient collaboration, flexible workplace models, and satisfied patients and employees.

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Child with eyesight measuring machine on

Viewing customer care through a new lens: Scrivens changes the game with Avaya

Learn how a leading UK optician and hearing care provider improved the customer experience and increased revenue.

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Curacao Medical Center

Smart storage monitoring & notification system for healthcare

Avaya Smart solutions enables Curaçao’s Medical Center to deliver on its promise to provide high quality care.

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Unlocking seamless healthcare.

Discover the transformative potential of Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration in the healthcare industry. Gain insights into the hurdles faced by healthcare providers and IT teams, and explore innovative strategies to overcome these challenges. 

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