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Take the first step to innovative workplace communication with a stable communication core, advanced collaboration tools, and best-of-breed integrations that keep your tech stack intact. Whether on-prem, private cloud, or public cloud, your innovation journey starts here.

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The next chapter: Innovations in communication & collaboration

As AI reshapes productivity, workflows, and cross-team collaboration, it’s time to blend your existing communication tools with a suite of next-gen voice, video, and key integrations that connect org-wide initiatives.

"By 2028, enterprises will have replaced 60% of outdated SaaS workplace apps for advanced ones empowered by Gen AI, seamlessly blending into productivity tools, streamlining workflows, and minimizing employee oversight." –Gartner

Avaya redefines employee communication & collaboration.

Integrate your preferred tools and unlock the full potential of AI, boosting productivity and innovation.

Next-gen collaboration

Experience the evolution of collaboration platforms with Avaya. We integrate with leading collaboration solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom Workplace, delivering a seamless communication and collaboration experience.

Empowering AI integration

Connect your chosen collaboration platform with Avaya to unlock the full potential of AI and next-gen capabilities.

Customer success amplified

Leverage the value of Avaya alongside your favorite tools and platforms for unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Power your digital future

Enable work to be from anywhere, support the fluid nature of problem solving, and fuse employee experience with customer experience through your new online front door.

Create a better way to work

Keep everyone connected and informed by knocking down every barrier to collaboration, so you make decisions faster and empower your teams to act in the moment.

Trust us to build your digital workplace

Move to the digital cloud at your own pace with solutions that make it easy to get new features and upgrades without IT headaches. Flexible subscription models are designed to meet your unique business needs.

Choose your journey: Avaya’s communication & collaboration solutions

Whether in the public cloud, private cloud, or on-prem, it’s easy to choose the solution that best fits your needs.


Your collaboration tools, seamlessly integrated: Blend industry-leading collaboration with Avaya's communications portfolio to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Zoom Workplace Integration

Public Cloud

All-in-one cloud collaboration: Unlock the potential of a versatile, cutting-edge UCaaS platform designed for seamless expansion, enabling flexible scalability and efficient collaboration.

Avaya Cloud Office

Private Cloud

Optimize and focus: Harness the strength of a fortified, managed communication cloud on Microsoft Azure, ensuring heightened security and efficiency for your business operations.

Avaya Enterprise Cloud


Preserve & enhance: Bolster your advanced communication systems with steadfast reliability, maintaining seamless connectivity and enhancing operational continuity.

Avaya Aura

Avaya IP Office

Elevate Microsoft Teams with Avaya integration

Integrate telephony with Microsoft Teams, tailored for modern organizational demands.

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The Avaya advantage.

Avaya's communication and collaboration suite revolutionizes your workplace landscape, fostering productivity and connectivity throughout your business.

Seamless integration

Experience integrated collaboration with familiar tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams within Avaya's ecosystem, streamlining communication.

AI-powered capabilities

Stay ahead with AI and cloud technology, ensuring cutting-edge communication tools that adapt to evolving work environments and future-proof your organization.

Unified workflow

Merge voice, video, messaging, and conferencing into one seamless platform, simplifying workflows, reducing app switching, and enhancing user experience.

Personalized UX

Boost efficiency and satisfaction with customized features like call routing and transcriptions, empowering employees to work in their preferred style.

Global reliability

Rely on Avaya's robust infrastructure for unwavering communication worldwide, uniting teams and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Creative collaboration

Empower innovation and collaboration throughout the organization, enhancing job satisfaction and success by fostering real-time communication and community.

New possibilities with featured devices.

Explore our complete portfolio of devices and phones for individuals and conference rooms.

Transform Your Customer Service with AI - Avaya at Enterprise Connect

Demonstrate quick resolutions across voice and digital touchpoints such sentiment scoring, via our AI-powered virtual agent that can transition to a live agent.

What is UCaaS?

Learn all about Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): How it simultaneously expands and simplifies your communications options. How it makes you more efficient and capable. And how it takes your interactions and collaboration to the next level—for both employees and customers.

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