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Expertly navigate the challenges of remote contact center management

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Drive outstanding experiences—no matter where employees work.

If your business relies on a contact center, you’re likely to also support a work-from-home model. Remote employees—just like those in the office—need to perform and create effortless experiences for customers and easily collaborate with co-workers. With the right capabilities your remote agents and supervisors can keep delivering and improving employee and customer experiences. Remote employees may experience an improved work/life balance, resulting in higher employee engagement and less attrition. Organizations who enable remote work may also realize lower infrastructure costs.

Nurture high performance teams.

Continue monitoring and measuring employee activities and customer interactions—coaching employees effectively from anywhere.

  • Capture desktop activity to get visibility into employee off-phone activities, application usage, processes, and schedule adherence.
  • Automate the entire quality management process from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching.
  • Enable supervisors to promote consistent customer experiences by listening to customer calls.
Female contact center agent working from home office

Create a connected environment.

Make the work-from-home experience the same as in-office, including ready access to information and resources.

  • Enable employees to easily reach into the organization to access subject matter experts when needed.
  • Simplify forecasting and staff scheduling.
  • Increase employee collaboration by providing all employees with anytime-anywhere access to important schedule information, along with capabilities for requesting schedule changes.
  • Use gamification to build and sustain employee engagement.
Contact center agent working from home office

Harness the power of AI.

Empower remote agents with the most current knowledge and insights to drive better customer experiences.

  • Increase first contact resolution by delivering relevant, contextual information to employees and customers.
  • Use a powerful suite of AI tools such as, AI Agent Assist, Translation and Transcription, Automated Wrap Up, and more to increase employee performance in real time.
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The Avaya remote contact center:

Working remotely raises unique challenges for your contact center team. Follow Avaya’s three key strategies to ensure success with your remote working model.

Solution capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

A suite of AI tools that assist agents in real-time, that analyzes customer interactions in real time, monitors customer intent, and sentiment to drive better outcomes.

Measure performance

Increase supervisor capacity, drive employee performance and consistency in customer interactions by automating the entire quality monitoring process.

Monitor desktop usage

Monitor remote desktop usage to understand how employees are spending their time. Acquire visibility into day-to-day operations, identify process bottlenecks and best practices.

Knowledge management

Equip customers with better self-help tools and serve contextual knowledge documents to employees while they are speaking with customers to increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

Simplify staffing

Reduce costs by accurately forecasting and producing employee schedules across voice and non-interactions. Empower employees to use mobile devices to see KPIs and request schedule changes.


Tie employee and team goals to incentives. Apply game mechanics to engage staff, communicate goals, measure and acknowledge achievements, inspire collaboration, and motivate teams..

Subject matter experts

Boost customer experience and increase first contact resolution by bringing experts from outside the contact center into customer interactions.

Live monitoring

Help supervisors continually promote a more consistent and reliable customer experience by listening to customer calls and, when needed, join the customer conversation.

Speech analytics

Automatically surface intelligence from recorded calls. Sophisticated analytics identifies, groups, and organizes spoken words and phrases into themes to help reveal trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

FSU is leveraging Avaya solutions to achieve vision of global unified comms and Real Time Crime Center

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Ensuring top-notch service when calls overwhelm MakeMyTrip, this solution connects priority customers to agents and offers flexible options to others.

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Learning People

Global Payments strives to make every customer's experience the best.

Financial technology and payment company, Global Payments, focuses on customer experiences with Avaya. Agents around the world answer calls asking, "How can we make your day better?"

Six best practices for remote contact center agents:

Female Contact Center Agent

Document remote work policies and procedures

A written policy should govern remote contact center agents with clear and uniform rules. The manager and agent should review the policies and procedures together. Focus on job responsibilities, organizational and departmental goals and objectives, customer impact, and employee’s work performance.

Two work colleagues working on a whiteboardd

Select the right people for the job

Some employees are terrific people and good workers but may not be best suited to work at home. Most remote contact center agents will have access to customer-sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. For those reasons and more, make it a part of your selection process to do background checks.

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Ensure a good working environment

Work environment guidelines should be carefully discussed with every remote contact center agent. Almost any room can serve as an office but selecting the right work area is essential to success. A dedicated office maximizes the contact center agent’s efficiency and comfort.

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Equip remote contact center agents to succeed


Equip agents with noise cancelling comfortable headset to promote agent wellness.


Remote contact center agents need the same access to applications, tools, supervisors and peers as they do when in the office; likewise, supervisors working remotely need access to their contact center management tools.


Ensure all remote contact center agents are adequately equipped with a stable and high bandwidth connection to ensure agent productivity and positive customer experiences.

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Make experts readily available

Remote contact center agents need access to the same subject matter experts as those who have supervisors and expert resources in the office. Collaboration applications such as “Presence” assists agents in engaging an expert regardless of their location.

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Monitor and manage

Remote contact center agents need to meet the same continuous improvement goals that apply to all agents. Predictable management check-in times are reassuring to remote contact center agents. Remote contact center agents need to be included in team meetings so they can stay connected socially and culturally. Remember to keep training and mentoring remote contact center agents and to reward good performance.

A day in the life of your contact center...

See how you can create better experiences for both customers and staff. Read the stories of different businesses solving their customer service challenges using AXP Public Cloud. We explore AI-powered solutions for integrated desktops and virtual assistants, in-the-moment data retrieval, real-time reporting, and an empowered workforce.

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Allegiance concentrates on both customer and employee experiences.

In the business of delivering customized corporate health insurance packages, Allegiance relies on an Avaya contact center solution to drive a consistent omnichannel customer experience regardless of agent locations.

What every business needs to consider for amazing customer service.

Bring your customer experience forward with new digital services that connect every channel, serve every device, and make both your teams and customers feel empowered. We can show you how.

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Industry recognition:

TrustRadius 2024 Top Rated Award
Avaya Named a Contact Center Leader for Fourth Straight Year
Aragon Globe Leader 2023 Logo
MetriStar Top Provider for Workforce Optimization Platform 2022
TMC 2022 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award Logo
Ventana Research Names Avaya Exemplary Vendor in Agent Management
Ventana Research Names Avaya a Top CCaaS Provider

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