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Avaya Experience Platform—Choose Your Innovation Journey

Avaya Experience Platform empowers organizations to drive innovation on their terms, balances customer experience, employee experience, and business growth initiatives from a single platform—the world's leading CX solution trusted by global organizations driving innovation on their terms.

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Solve for change without disruption.

Avaya Experience Platform uniquely solves for today’s customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) challenges. It bridges capability gaps, enables innovation without disruption, and reinforces existing strengths to shape the future.

  • Avoid disruptions to complex workflows with incremental cutting-edge innovations, from empowering the connected employee to enabling AI automation and orchestration.
  • Embrace an integrated ecosystem that combines third-party technologies for a flexible CX infrastructure that joins disparate operations.
  • Power acceleration on metrics that matter most: revenue, customer value, employee loyalty, satisfaction, and cost efficiency.
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Amplify your customer experience

Rise to the challenge of elevated customer expectations and deliver real-time, personalized interactions.

Transform your employee experience

Empower your workforce with cutting-edge tools to boost productivity and retain top talent in today's dynamic workplace landscape.

Drive business growth instead of cost centers

Propel your business forward with operational resilience and carve out a distinct position in key markets.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Global geo-redundant infrastructure in 6 weeks.

Avaya swiftly implemented geo-redundancy for Norwegian Cruise Line, seamlessly moving 1,300 agents in 6 weeks. Automated traffic rerouting ensures continuous service, while centralized configuration changes save IT time across all locations.

Our aim is to be better positioned to serve the customer when the customer calls, whatever time of day that may be...migrating to Avaya has gone as smoothly as the first cutover—overnight, with no interruption to service.

DirectorNetwork, Telecom, & Enterprise Support at Norwegian Cruise Line

Avaya Experience Platform—Where customer & employee experiences meet business growth.

Integrate customer experience, employee experience, and business growth within a dynamic ecosystem engineered to expand with your organization. Avaya Experience Platform offers powerful capabilities for businesses to gradually embrace state-of-the-art AI innovations. Empower connected employees, enable AI automation and orchestration, and mitigate business risks without disrupting existing operations.

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Keep your existing capabilities

Avaya Experience Platform solves today’s enterprise CX challenges—bridging capability gaps, enabling innovation without disruption and building your future on existing strengths.

This unique approach allows you to preserve existing CX/EX capabilities already refined over the years. No need to dismantle or replace trusted systems.

Innovate at your pace

Avaya goes beyond isolated CX products to an integrated ecosystem merging over 100 Avaya and third-party technologies. This creates a flexible plug-and-play CX fabric rather than disjointed tools.

You determine which innovations to overlay onto current systems incrementally over time per your priorities. This approach upgrades CX, EX and business growth in a non-disruptive, tailored fashion on your roadmap.

Accelerate new business outcomes

Avaya Experience Platform allows for acceleration on metrics you care about most without having to modify complex workflows or models behind the scenes.

  • Revenue, customer lifetime value and competitive differentiation
  • Loyalty, satisfaction, talent retention and cost optimization

Avaya Experience Platform lets you enhance optimization while unlocking new possibilities without risking continuity—the ultimate CX enterprise destination.

Understanding AI's impact on customer experience.

Explore how customer perceptions of AI are influencing current and future business initiatives. Download our research findings to gain valuable insights into AI's projected role in shaping the future of CX.

Bridge the engagement gap with innovative solutions.

Avaya Experience Platform makes it easy to deliver personal experiences for customers and employees at every touchpoint. One platform unifies teams, resources, and insights to optimize your entire enterprise experience.

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Drive customer loyalty and advocacy

Elevate customer experiences with Avaya's AI-driven self-service, guided live engagements, and seamless digital access. Balancing autonomy and care, we enhance journeys for increased retention, revenue, and advocacy.

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Boost team productivity and satisfaction

Avaya empowers teams with exceptional internal interactions, focusing on both EX and CX. With AI, automation, and dynamic guidance, we foster sustained performance and renewed satisfaction.

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Maximize revenue and enhance customer journeys

Avaya accelerates business growth powered by predictive AI that anticipates needs, reduces costs, and fosters loyalty. Experience increased revenue, improved customer journeys, successful upsells, and new loyalty. See improved customer journeys, successful upsells, and a growing customer base.

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Achieve global scale and reach with seamless implementation

Partner with our professional team for meticulous analysis, design, and implementation of cloud-based customer experiences while ensuring operational continuity.

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Elevate CX, EX, and business growth seamlessly on your terms.

Whether your infrastructure is on-premises, private, public, or hybrid, it’s easy to add capabilities when they’re needed with our flexible deployment options.

AXP On-Prem

Expand communication options and integrate digital channels for customers to connect—without disrupting current operations.

Explore AXP On-Prem

AXP Private Cloud

A hybrid solution delivering unmatched flexibility, security, and dedicated support tailored to your organizational needs.

Explore AXP Private Cloud

AXP Public Cloud

Support capabilities to help customers connect how they want and give employees the tools to meet customers’ needs.

Explore AXP Public Cloud

Explore possibilities with global partners.

Avaya's ecosystem of partnerships drives comprehensive, innovative, seamless capabilities for successful business solutions.

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Innovate without disruption with Avaya

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