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Jim Chirico, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Your privacy is important to Avaya. Our code of conduct, Operating with Integrity, and our Global Data Privacy Policy require continuous care and respect regarding how personal information is handled.”

Jim Chirico
President and Chief Executive Officer

"Avaya“ (Avaya, Inc. and its worldwide affiliates / subsidiaries) has long recognized that individuals with whom we conduct business value their privacy. However, in order to conduct global business in this increasingly electronic economy, the collection and use of “Personal Data” (i.e., data that may be used to identify or contact a single person) is often necessary and desirable for businesses and individuals involved. It is Avaya's goal to balance the benefits of our and our customers' business with the right of individuals to prevent the misuse of their Personal Data.

On this website you will find useful information about Avaya safeguarding your privacy, including, but not limiting to, (i) what type of Personal Data is gathered and tracked; (ii) for which purposes Personal Data is used; (iii) with whom Personal Data may be shared; (iv) what choices regarding collected Personal Data individuals have; (v) how individuals can access and update this information.

Your confidence is fundamental to Avaya. Our privacy practices are designed to meet the applicable law requirements with a main purpose of maintaining your valuable trust in Avaya. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our privacy procedures and promise to keep working hard on relevant improvements to safeguard your Personal Data. Please do not hesitate to contact us at dataprivacy@avaya.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy at Avaya.


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