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Public Safety Communications & Next-Gen Emergency Services

Fact Sheets

Next Generation Emergency Communication [PDF]

As the European Union eCall regulation comes into play for 112 emergency calls, the Emergency Services are driving a new universe of communication and interaction with citizens.



NENA 2018 Smart City, IoT and Emergency Services [4:27]

This video with Mark Fletcher, ENP, Markus Bornheim, and Vraj Patel, demonstrates Lego Smart City. There are 2 use cases. First, when a power outage occurs, Avaya brings together two disparate communications such as telephony and radio in a UC platform. Second, there is a sensor in the train and when the train derails, the sensor sends data to the cloud and Breeze starts a workflow.

Review of Alaska MLTS E911 Legislation [8:01]

This video describes legislation in Alaska based on Kari’s Law. It is a deep dive into the law and what it means to MLTS operators.

SENTRY™ Enterprise E911 from Avaya [2:58]

Emergency calling in the enterprise does not need to be complex or expensive, simple workflow related best practices will ensure both internal and Public Safety officials will have the information they need, SENTRY™ available from Avaya provides that workflow in a robust and cost-efficient solution. From On Premise to Hosted or a Hybrid model, let Avaya fill your needs and compliance for E911. Enterprise 911 – On Site Notification – Every customer needs this!

Avaya''s NG911 Call Taking Solution at NENA 2018 [12:37]

Fletch talks with Markus Bornheim, European Public Safety Practice Lead at Avaya, about the new Web based call taking platform by DevConnect Technology Partner Engelbart Software. Location extraction from mobile devices, IoT and sensor data integration, and automatic speech translation are just some of the features this platform takes advantage of, built on an open, scalable ecosystem. Web-Based Call taking interface with IoT / iLoc8 / Google Translate integration!

End To End Emergency Services Part 1: The Functional Elements [12:12]

NG911 is coming fast and hard. . . NOW is the time to address the issues. In Part 1 of this series, we discuss the Functional Elements of a NG911 network. Learn the terms!

Avaya E911 Solutions Primer [8:00]

The Enterprise E911 problem is more critical today than ever before. The device mobility that UC provides enterprise users can create problematic E911 conditions if not addressed. Most solutions today manage the wrong end of the problem, at Avaya we solve the issue, and do it in a cost-efficient manner. CHECK OUT THE AVAYA E911 SOLUTION FOR THE ENTERPRISE.

White Papers

Avaya Solutions for Public Safety [PDF]

White paper that discusses Bridging the Information Gap Across the ‘Continuum of Care’ to Link Citizens, Emergency Call Centers, Hospitals and First Responders
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