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Empowering Citizens and Emergency Staff

The latest in communications technology lets you interconnect people, resources, data, and solutions to deliver information and respond to emergencies faster and more precisely than ever before.

Collaboration Solutions

  • Mobile communications
  • Secure multimedia communications
  • Automated workflows
  • Consolidated call taker desktop

Citizen Services

  • Omnichannel solutions
  • Automated administration
  • Smart routing
  • Sentiment analysis

Remote Management

  • Video, audio, and web solutions
  • Flexible configuration and programming
  • Proactive outreach capabilities
  • Freedom of cloud deployment

Phone System Compliance

  • NG911 communications framework  
  • Real-time, dynamic location data
  • True situational awareness
  • Platform-agnostic

Professional Services

  • Cleared, knowledgeable, and experienced experts
  • Custom solutions designed and integrated
  • Cloud migration management

Meet Federal Requirements for Your Phone Systems

Federal law mandates phone systems have specific capabilities. Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act apply to all organizations—from schools to large enterprises and government agencies—with multi-line telephone systems:

  • Dial 911 directly with no prefixes
  • Route emergency calls directly to a 911 Center
  • Provide onsite notifications with location
Keep Your Phone Systems Compliant
First responder standing next to a truck.

Intelligently Enable First Responders

Enable first responders with detailed, life-saving data including building address, the specific device from which a call is placed, and the square footage of an organization—all within seconds of a call being placed.

  • Seamlessly correlate location data
  • Integrate with external, cloud-based data repositories
  • Reduce costs associated with emergency database management

Keep Your Agency Buildings and Campus Safe

Maximize protection in public sector agencies by quickly and intelligently detecting threatening situations. Immediately launch notifications to employees and communicate events—from severe weather to active shooters—across first responders’ channels.

  • Enable mass notifications, response tracking based on location, reunification instructions with status monitoring
  • Initiate lockdown procedures—and monitor hallway cameras with audio and video controls
  • Integrate existing legacy equipment with cost-effective next generation communications solutions
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Make Every Citizen Interaction Count

Quickly and easily evaluate citizen needs and deliver services: Give support staff real-time contextual information, use advanced knowledge to streamline workflows, and AI enable call takers.

  • Improve overall constituent satisfaction
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Minimize employee effort


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