Overview of Avaya Enterprise Cloud

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When high performance calls for large scale and targeted integration, when unique requirements converge with security and compliance mandates, Avaya Enterprise Cloud is the perfect choice.

Ensure exceptional performance for your total enterprise communication experience with a cloud that is powerful, secure, flexible—and entirely dedicated to your organization.

All-in-one Dedicated Cloud Communications Solution

Avaya Enterprise Cloud is an all-in-one dedicated cloud communication and collaboration solution designed to enable enterprises and organizations around the world to create effortless and complete customer or constituent and employee experiences that truly matter. It offers comprehensive contact center capabilities for a high-capacity, robust contact center and an extensive set of unified communications functions for the modern way of work, such as video meetings, conferencing, calling, messaging, mobility, and workstream collaboration.

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“The Avaya solution is resonating with large enterprise customers [organizations] who favor a private cloud model in support of specific performance, security, compliance, and customization requirements.”

—Rich Costello, IDC Senior Research Analyst

Avaya has over illustration
Avaya has over

100 million lines of UCaaS

in service and is a “work from anywhere” leader. Avaya’s all-in-one cloud communications portfolio empowers employees with faster, always-on continuous immersive collaboration over any modality, device, and touchpoint.

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Avaya powers

6M+ contact center seats

(3M are hybrid cloud) and is the leader in enterprise contact center solutions. Avaya Enterprise Cloud provides a dedicated software instance in data centers across strategic global locations and offers support for hybrid environments.

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“The question is no longer if companies are moving to the cloud but how they’re leveraging it to innovate and improve. It was important to us that we had freedom of deployment. In other words, we wanted to be able to invest in cloud in a way that made sense for us. Obviously not every application is meant to be on the same cloud, or at all. Flexibility and customization were core to our decision-making.”

—Michael Flodin, President, Atento

Pillars of Avaya Enterprise Cloud

Avaya Enterprise Cloud provides a dedicated software instance in data centers across strategic global locations and offers a support for hybrid environments. This flexibility maximizes investment protection at both the desktop and application levels with mitigated disruption as you migrate to the cloud in alignment with requirements of a specific country, an industry vertical or other compliance and security policies and mandates.

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Deliver a total experience
contact center, seamlessly

Put a customer-first approach at the center of your organization with a dedicated cloud contact center that offers carrier-grade cloud-based capabilities, helps lower complexity, streamlines the cloud journey through centralized architecture, and provides powerful personalization options and cost savings with a pay-per-agent model.

Connect your entire
workforce, effortlessly

Empower your organization with a complete, simple, flexible, secure, and immersive employee experience that drives your business or your agency forward and offers enterprise-level industry-leading workforce communication and collaboration. Our unified communications solution offers streamlined implementation, full-featured personalization and self-administration*, and no limits on user scalability. It enables your organization to take advantage of the pay-per-user pricing model and investment protection options.

agency compliance, continuously

Engage your employees, constituents, and the entire agency via a complete enterprise-level communications toolset that enables operations continuity during crises, and force multiplies workers’ productivity and citizens’ satisfaction during recovery and growth. Ensuring complete compliance with rigid regulatory requirements, Avaya Government Cloud is a FedRAMP-authorized cloud service with pre-defined data centers located in the U.S.

NOTE: Avaya Government Cloud does not include Avaya Spaces®. To learn more specific details about the government-focused packages, go to the Packaging section in this brochure or download our government offer-focused brochure.

*The self-admin capabilities are on the upcoming roadmap for the Avaya OneCloud for Government, which is a government-focused version of Avaya OneCloud Private. Please review our government offer- specific brochure to learn more.

Avaya Enterprise Cloud is an ideal choice for large enterprise organizations and government entities with extensive reach, dispersed workforce, complex environments, and dedicated contact center personnel.

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“We are now in the process of migrating to Avaya. We are actually very excited about what that holds for us… The level of engagement we have from Avaya, as we are looking to leverage these technologies for our clients and deliver thought leadership to them, I have not seen from any other provider, ever. …And I have been doing this for 30 years.”

—Bryant Richardson, CIO, Skybridge

Experience Platform That Drives Innovation

Avaya Enterprise Cloud is a solution that provides Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Center (CC) capabilities and delivers them via a dedicated cloud deployment. Avaya’s converged experience platform enables your company or agency to connect, collaborate, and engage by offering a breadth of our technology solutions. Avaya hosts, integrates, manages, and delivers cloud communications infrastructure and services across the globe—secure, flexible, and effortless for you, your employees, and your customers or constituents.

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Secure and compliant,
it helps you to get and stay fully compliant and protected with end-to-end security and built-in recovery measures that are trusted by companies with a wide range of large and complex environments around the globe.

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Powerful and transformational,
it enables you to collapse the silos of past cloud archetypes. Our powerful all-in-one private cloud capabilities let you transform and continuously innovate with robust service bundles and seamless integrations.

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Flexible and dedicated to your organization, it empowers your entire enterprise’s communications with an unrivaled tool chest deployed in your own cloud with either pre-defined architecture or a tailored integration.

Try It Free for 30 Days

Get the features and flexibility you want and the security you need. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial of Avaya Enterprise Cloud and start experiencing communications and collaboration designed for the way people really work.

Take our private cloud offering for a “test-drive” and experience it first-hand difference that the cloud has to offer with our free web-based trial access. Check out the feature-rich capabilities, intuitive tools, customizable options, and continuous protection for your communications. This web-initiated program gives near-instantaneous access to private cloud capabilities and offers a hands-on experience that helps minimize your organization’s concerns about moving to the cloud. Learn more or request your trial access at www.avaya.com/try-private

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“Public cloud was not a model that was yet suitable for us when weighed against our business and client requirements. Avaya’s private cloud created the global platform we needed, while ensuring optimal security and data privacy.”

—Stuart Beaumont, Global Head of Voice & Virtual at Standard Chartered Bank

Complete Solution for Total Customer
and Employee Experience

Access all capabilities from the cloud and benefit from the always-on latest features and innovation—quickly and at scale, using cloud rate card pricing. Take advantage of all that our open multi-cloud ecosystem has to offer and focus your resources on your core business mission instead of spending time on fixing issues, updates, or managing infrastructure.

Avaya Government Cloud* is a highly secure FedRAMP-authorized all-in-one solution designed to help government agencies create effortless constituent and employee experiences that matter. It offers a FedRAMP-authorized private cloud architecture with contact center capabilities for a high-capacity call center and unified communications features for employee meeting, calling, messaging, and mobility.

*NOTE: Avaya Government Cloud does not include Avaya Spaces. To learn more specific details about the government-focused packages, go to the Packaging section in this brochure or download our government offer-focused brochure. Also, the self-service admin portal capabilities are on the upcoming roadmap for Avaya Government Cloud. the Avaya Government Cloud.

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two women talking to a businessman

With Avaya Enterprise Cloud your organization will gain:

  • All-in-one Avaya Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Center (CC) features delivered via private cloud
  • Pay-per-user and pay-per agent model with flexible upward scaling options
  • Always-on/up-to-date cloud capabilities for ease of modernization and continuing innovation
  • Pay-per-user (UCaaS) and pay-per agent (CCaaS) model with flexible upward scaling options
  • Predictable cost and reduced complexity and risk through a shift from CAPEX to OPEX business model
  • Highly automated standard private cloud option for expedited speed-to-value
  • Investment protection program for existing customers (up to 40% discount on the first term)
  • Secure and dedicated virtual cloud instance with end-to-end security and built-in recovery measures
  • Self-service and user management via intuitive admin portal*

Learn more about Avaya Enterprise Cloud at avaya.com/private or contact us directly by filing a contact form on our website.

About Avaya
Businesses are built by the experiences they provide, and every day millions of those experiences are delivered by Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA). Avaya is shaping what’s next for the future of work, with innovation and partnerships that deliver game-changing business benefits. Our cloud communications solutions and multi-cloud application ecosystem power personalized, intelligent, and effortless customer and employee experiences to help achieve strategic ambitions and desired outcomes. Together, we are committed to help grow your business by delivering Experiences that Matter. Learn more at www.avaya.com.