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Improving the Guest Experience with Advanced Communications Solutions for Hotels/Motels [PDF]

Use your communications to attract more business and offer new revenue-producing services—Avaya makes it easy with the Avaya IP Office™ Platform. It’s designed with the communications capabilities you need to sell more rooms and deliver the personal service that builds customer loyalty. And by streamlining communications, it lowers your overhead.

Fact Sheets

Smart Hospitality - Smart Digital World Solutions [PDF]

Provide state-of-the-art customer delight with a complete guest experience from check-in to check-out with Smart Hospitality.


15 Reasons to Provide a Great Customer Experience [PDF]

In the hospitality industry, guest experience is everything. It’s both the product and the service, and the quality of the guest experience affects everything from reputation and loyalty to revenue and retention.



Avaya Vantage™ – Hospitality [1:03]

Avaya Vantage is valuable in vertical markets such as hospitality where it creates opportunities for communications as a contextual part of workflow applications.

Guest Experience is Everything - Hotel View [1:19]

Short overview of how the same technologies that build brand affinity can also be leveraged for your front of office requirements. Anything from dynamic team development to mobile applications and reservations.

Guest Experience is Everything - Guest View [1:08]

This video provides an overview of how technology can improve the guest experience.

White Papers

The Impact of Guest Experiences on Hotel Revenues [PDF]

Positive guest experience is the #1 criteria that travelers use to select hotels – far outweighing price and location. Positive guest experiences are profitable for hotels too. The right technology can help hoteliers profile guests at every hotel interaction (reservations, concierge, check-in, room service, etc.) and integrate that information with the property management system (PMS) and CRM. The key to achieving higher guest satisfaction is engagement. Driven by hospitality business needs, not technology silos, Avaya helps hoteliers consistently increase satisfaction across all customer touch points. Instead of handling each customer interaction independently, you can connect all of a customer’s engagements across their entire journey.

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