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Use Top Technology to Achieve Loyal Lifetime Customers

  • Deliver personal, collaborative experiences at every touch point. Start by seeing the possibilities in our hospitality industry report: “Find New Revenue Opportunities—Explore Smart Technologies for Your Guest Experience.”
  • Create a better guest experience when you know the trends and stats about customer behaviors—scroll through our infographic “15 Reasons to Provide a Great Customer Experience.”
  • Keep up with your customers’ interactions and preferences. See your customers’ journeys in online conversations, reservations, concierge requests, activity bookings, and more. When you know their histories, you can cater to their needs.
  • Interact with customers on the channels they choose. Supporting multichannel means being ready to connect with customers via video, social media, phone, and mobile apps—before, during, and after their visits. You’ll never miss a chance to serve your customers.
  • Keep up with technology. Avaya’s smart hospitality solutions help you embrace the latest digital tech and trends. Improve staff productivity and efficiency with advanced communications that keep your business moving, whether you provide casual fare or plush accommodations. We can show you how to make big advancements and improvements while reducing costs, complexity, and risk—all of which adds up to a high ROI.
  • Partner with a proven leader. The top 10 hotel brands trust Avaya solutions. Join the list of properties using our technology, expertise, and support.

Deliver a Connected Experience for Guests

Meet guest expectations for contacting you with seamless communications that run across mobile apps, self-service channels, and social media.

Increase Performance and Productivity

Boost operational and staff efficiencies with Avaya’s scalable solutions for real-time contact center analytics, full-context sharing of customer interactions, and high-performance networking.

Attract and Retain More Customers

Turn one visit into repeat business. When you deliver a special guest experience, you automatically fuel smiles, social buzz, guest satisfaction, and return visits.

Customer Story
 Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino

“The Avaya network has never let us down. We’ve never had a failure of the live video feed or been unable to retrieve past footage.”

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Personalize Your Guest Experience

Personalize Your Guest Experience

Manage engagement across any device or channel. Completely integrate your traditional phone and digital channels. You’ll gain omnichannel awareness and collect contextual data from each customer interaction. This gives you real-time insight into your guests’ needs, moods, and satisfaction levels. You’ll have what you need to elevate your customer journey and truly personalize each guest’s experience.

Give Users the Mobility They Demand

Give Users the Mobility They Demand

Keep your business moving in a BYOD world. Avaya's secure, reliable, and cost-effective mobility solutions empower all your users—guests, agents, staff, executives—to connect across networks, locations, devices, and time.

Create Your Own Applications—Fast, Easy, Now

Create Your Own Applications—Fast, Easy, Now

Bring the right resources together with ease. Deploy seamlessly, regardless of the network or device.

Redefine Your Business with Smart Hospitality

The impact of digital transformation, the Internet of Things and smart applications and devices are driving more specific and complex needs within hospitality. Avaya offers a smart framework for vertical solutions, to address specific opportunities and challenges, at the speed of business.

Smooth Sailing at Norwegian Cruise Line with Geo-Redundant Contact Center

Benefits: Increased Productivity, Network Scalability, Improved Customer Service
Topics: Customer Service, Multisite - Branches, Team Efficiency
Guest Experience is Everything! Create Positive, Memorable Experiences That Drive Loyalty & Affinity

Guest Experience is Everything!

Create Positive Experiences to Drive Loyalty & Affinity

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Industry Report
Industry Report

Find New Revenue Opportunities—Explore Smart Technologies for Your Guest Experience

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