Security Assurance Services

Greater Security for Avaya Business Collaboration and Contact Center Solutions

Be Confident that Your Avaya Communications Solutions are Mitigating Intrusion and Fraud Risk

  • Take steps now to help stay ahead of potential threats and vulnerabilities in your communications environment. Telecommunications fraud and security breaches cost businesses, governments, and individuals more than $40 billion a year.
  • Achieve effective, practical communications security objectives in a realistic time frame. Be confident that your Avaya communications are aligned with your internal security policies and relevant regulations. We’ll help you find ways to maintain your security objectives over time as the needs of your business evolve.
Avaya Security Against Toll Fraud

Toll Fraud: The Top Loss Category for Telecom Operators

If hackers maliciously access your company’s communications solutions, they can make calls around the world at your expense, costing you thousands of dollars in a short time. And you may not know about it until you get the bill. An audit and analysis of your Avaya systems provides the recommendations to lower your risk of toll fraud. Protect your system integrity by combatting internal and external security threats, unauthorized access, and fraudulent use of information.

Avaya Platform Hardening for Communications Solutions

Platform Hardening Addresses Your Unique Requirements

Your Avaya communications solution has robust security capabilities built in, yet your network is different from anyone else’s and has unique security needs. Configure your Avaya solution for your organization’s operations environment, leveraging industry best practices. Or, let Avaya help you establish a custom compliance strategy. Tailor your security features while or after implementing your communications solution with platform hardening services.

Avaya Vulnerability Management Services

Stay on Top of New Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

Your communications system is dynamic, and changes like system upgrades, as well as constantly evolving external threats, affect its security. With Avaya vulnerability management services, we help you be proactive—by coordinating activities like scanning your environment for potential problems, reviewing Avaya Security Advisory notices, and identifying needed patches.

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