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AXP Private Cloud Services

Innovation that doesn’t stop at integration

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Connectivity builds your future of collaboration.

You envision connecting the systems and apps you use every day, achieving smarter, smoother workflows throughout your business. But greater connectivity also has the potential to bring errors and vulnerabilities—processes evolve, APIs break, and security risks emerge. Without focused time and resources, going forward can be daunting. Let Avaya help. We provide the people, processes, and know-how you need to enhance your environment and build the experiences your customers expect.

Streamline your information pathways.

With the right support, you can create faster workflows, strengthen security, improve data handoff accuracy, and deliver innovative new services.

  • Reduce complexity
  • Eliminate siloed data in legacy systems
  • Increase productivity with adaptive workflows
  • Apply security measures broadly and consistently
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Increase your innovation velocity.

Building meaningful experiences means staying ahead of change. AXP Private Cloud services provides ongoing development, security, and resources from a team of experts.

  • API standardization
  • Hybrid cloud architecture
  • 50+ pre-built connectors
  • Next-gen AI
  • Single user interface
  • Ongoing development & support
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AXP Private Cloud Services can reduce your time to value by as much as 75%.

Accelerate innovation securely and efficiently. The possibilities for greater connectivity and next-generation workflows are limited only to what you can imagine.

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CRM integration

Standardize integration between Avaya web clients and CRM platforms. Enhance customer experience, reduce churn, and predict customer behavior.

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Zendesk
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Presence routing with Microsoft Teams

Automatically forward incoming calls or activate voicemail when the user is in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

  • Foster happier employees and improved productivity
  • Increase awareness of others’ availability
  • Decrease missed opportunities or connections
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Automated logoff

Automatically log off employees when they leave the building or at a specified time.

  • Secure unattended logged-in phones
  • Reduce the potential for unattended phone fraud
  • Improve payroll accuracy
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Avaya’s Biometric Authentication in focus

Explore an innovative solution developed by Avaya and that ensures unparalleled security and operational effectiveness for contact centers. Journey’s Biometric Authentication makes passwords obsolete, replacing them with unique biometric safeguards for each agent.

  • Eliminate the costs of frequent password changes
  • Offer supreme security and unparalleled protection
  • Enjoy continuous, seamless agent security and optimal efficiency
  • Actively enhance security measures creating employee empowerment
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