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June 20, 2023

New Era of Customer Experience Requires a New Approach

New Era of Customer Experience Requires a New Approach

Emir Susic

Global Vice President, Avaya Customer Experience Services

We are excited to unveil Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES) today. I’d like to provide more details on the new approach we are taking to help each of our customers to craft and successfully travel their unique journey to deliver the best possible customer experiences.

The Transformation of Customer Experience into a Science

We're living in an extraordinary era where cutting-edge technology is refining customer service into an exact science. The future holds a mesmerizing, smart, and interwoven world of customer experiences, which include bespoke personalization, enhanced contact center super-agents, personal digital twins, anticipatory interactions, immediate responses, self-service, conversational commerce, and shared ecosystems, all powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While navigating this terrain might seem as daunting as constructing an orchestra from the ground up, there's no need to recruit scientists, linguists, or technology experts. Avaya Customer Experience Services is here to steer you seamlessly.

Introducing Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES)

ACES is a team of global specialists committed to equipping businesses with the capability to deliver superior experiences for their employees and customers. It signifies a transformative shift in professional services from merely providing technology to driving transformative business results.

ACES embodies our core values of empowerment, passion, integrity, client-centricity, and agility, while enabling businesses to deliver exceptional experiences for both their employees and customers.

  • Our AI automation services elevate business efficiency and facilitate extraordinary experiences.
  • In the cloud evolution space, our pioneering hybrid cloud services and seamless workflow migration are real game-changers— drastically reducing DevOps time-to-market and amplifying customer satisfaction.
  • Our digital integration services drive harmonious customer journeys across multiple touchpoints, thereby enhancing brand loyalty and employee satisfaction.

ACES augments the capabilities of Avaya channel partners and system integrators by assisting them to navigate the nexus of customer experience technology and other technologies. Incorporating ACES into their teams essentially adds a global group of customer experience specialists, augmented by unique AI-driven agile development processes and tools.

Bridging the Gap to the Future: Avaya Experience Platform and ACES  

The Avaya Experience Platform boasts an open architecture, enabling seamless integration with existing contact center infrastructure, adapting to the unique demands and intricate nuances of individual businesses. The platform facilitates the incorporation of AI and automation into existing systems, promoting seamless, efficient self-service, and conversational commerce. With the guidance of the ACES team, each customer interaction is finely honed and optimized for speed, efficiency, and personalization.

ACES is not just a service; it's a transformative powerhouse designed to future-proof businesses in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By offering an unprecedented blend of industry expertise, leading-edge technology, and strategic partnerships with tech giants like NVIDIA, Google, Microsoft, and a strong network of over 240 technological collaborations, ACES is rewriting the rules for customer experience services.

With ACES, Avaya brings the dynamic innovation and agility necessary to address all facets of the customer journey across technology and services. Because the future isn't just for those who acquire the best technology, but for those who utilize this technology to design and deliver transformative business outcomes!

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