Contact Center Optimization

Build a Better Customer Experience by Improving Contact Center Operations



Contact Center Optimization Brochure [PDF]

A central goal of Contact Center Optimization services is to protect your existing investment in people, processes and technology. Taking an end-to-end look at your operations, we can help you optimize the performance, capabilities and value of your contact center operation.



Professional Services - Optimizing Your Contact Center [2:26]

Transform your customer’s experiences and your business by optimizing your contact center.  Avaya Professional Services focus on helping businesses effectively use communications technology and applications to drive productivity and growth while mitigating risk and reducing TCO for communications solutions.

White Papers

Benchmarking in the Contact Center: Tips for Managing What you Measure [PDF]

Find out how leading organizations are gaining value from accurate, insightful benchmarking.

Avaya Users Deploy Best-in-Class Practices to Improve Contact Center Performance

This detailed independent survey from Aberdeen describes the processes, technologies, and tools top-performing businesses use to improve their contact center and business performance. Their focus is on enabling contact center activities, compliance, analysis of customer and operational data, and continuous improvements—all driving to results and an enhanced customer experience.

Enhancing customer experience: first, do no harm [PDF]

The barriers to a better customer experience are not trivial. However, with the right focus and commitment, achieving improvements may be simpler than you think. This White Paper will take a systematic best practices approach at exploring the steps needed to enhance your customer's experience.

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