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Together, Verint and Avaya help brands see AI business outcomes now.

Verint is the leader in CX automation, helping brands lower costs while simultaneously elevating CX. With our flexible, modular platform, Verint’s AI-powered bots augment Avaya’s contact center capabilities to add innovation without disrupting your investments.

Verint Bots

Verint Bots augments the human workforce with automation and helps brands elevate CX.

The Verint team of Bots increases agent capacity. Verint Bots can turn a customer service call into a revenue generation opportunity. Brands can save millions each year with the Verint Open Platform, orchestrating a workforce of people and Verint bots working together to elevate customer experience.

  • Verint Containment Bot
  • Verint Risk Scoring Bot
  • Verint Transfer Bot
  • Verint Knowledge Suggestion Bot
  • Verint Coaching Bot
  • Verint Interaction Wrap-up Bot
  • Verint TimeFlex Bot
Verint Bots

Benefits of the Avaya/ Verint Partnership.

Verint and Avaya are two recognized customer engagement leaders with a 20+ year strategic partnership. Our two organizations jointly serve thousands of customers, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years. The single vendor strategy and extensive experience ensure customer success.

At A Glance

Verint’s solutions work with Avaya AXP Public, AXP Private, and AXP Premise solutions. We have thousands of joint customers, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years. Brands can leverage Verint’s traditional WEM solutions or any of our AI-powered bots.

Business Outcomes

Verint helps brands increase CX automation, lowering costs while simultaneously elevating customer experience (CX). Brands can increase CX automation by leveraging our team of AI-powered bots to augment the human workforce. With CX automation, both on-premises and cloud customers can quickly add bots to their existing investments to take advantage of innovation quickly, seeing AI business outcomes without migrating their existing environment.

Example: Journey High Veracity Customer Authenticationthis solution provides up to 1:12 million veracity for identifying callers in any channel in the contact center. For sensitive transactions, like wiring funds, this solution offers low friction on the customer, but extremely high security and compliance.

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