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Harness the full power of AI without disruption.

Meet customers’ demand for instant and personalized service—anytime, on any channel, with an AI workforce tailor-made for your Avaya contact center by Cognigy. 

Cognigy’s native integration enables you to deploy intelligent AI-powered automation and assistance, that lift the burden of repetitive, low-complexity tasks off customers’ and agents’ shoulders so you can put customers first.

At a glance:

Natural, humanlike voice and text dialogues

30+ channel connectors for both phone & digital messaging

Award-winning NLU 100+ languages

100+ prebuilt backend and third-party integrations

Multi-model LLM orchestration

Deploy in the cloud or on-premises

Built-in conversational analytics for every channel

SOC 2 & ISO certified, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance

Benefits of the Avaya/Cognigy partnership.

  • Industry-specific pre-trained AI Agents for smooth customer experience.
  • Multilingual call and chat support in 100+ languages.
  • Seamless integration with Avaya and other enterprise systems.
  • Accurately answer any customer query with Cognigy AI’s ability to absorb enterprise knowledge.
  • Real-time assistance and actionable service insights for human agents.
Asian woman looking at her phone while inside a subway station platform.

Key impact for customers

  • 30% CSAT improvement
  • 15% shorter average handling time
  • 30 seconds saved per call

Key business solutions

  • Automate identity and verification
  • Provide agent assistance in real-time
  • Ensure intelligent routing for smoother communications
  • Automate item returns and exchanges
  • Streamline refunds and rebookings
  • Optimize “where’s my order” inquiries

Elevate customer conversations with Avaya and Cognigy.

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