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Transform Your Contact Center with the Perfect AI Combo

We’ve partnered our AI capabilities with Google Cloud Contact Center AI so you can seamlessly blend automated and assisted experiences into your customer journey. It takes finesse to add AI to your customer experience. This is how you add technical genius but keep the human touch.

Avaya & Google Cloud Contact Center AI

Avaya & Google Cloud Contact Center AI
How Contact Center AI works with Google Cloud & Avaya

AI done right lets you know who your customers are, understand their needs, and act quickly and efficiently to serve them.

Avaya & Google Cloud Contact Center AI for Healthcare

Avaya & Google Cloud partner to improve experiences for both patients and staff. This is how to deliver experiences that truly matter.

Enabling Virtual Agents

Enabling Virtual Agents

Key Features

  • AI-enabled virtual agents serve customers in a natural, conversational, and engaging way to deliver immediate, personalized, and exceptional customer experiences 24/7.
  • Agent Assist empowers employees with continuous support during customer interaction by identifying intent and providing real-time, step-by-step guidance.
  • Customer conversations turn into insights through analytics and reporting that uncover key interaction drivers, customer sentiment, and more

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