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Sycurio and Avaya prioritize customer experience, data security, and agent engagement.

Sycurio and Avaya deliver secure and PCI DSS compliant payment experiences at every customer touchpoint. Sycurio’s innovative payment solutions help contact centers transform payment experiences and simplify how they manage PCI DSS compliance and payment security across every channel.  Sycurio’s Epic EHR connector, available via Open Epic, integration makes it possible to easily secure payments for balance pay, copay, prepay, and save card transactions. 

At a glance:

De-scopes for PCI DSS, reduces compliance costs with ROI in 9 to 12 months

Improvements in productivity and up to 30 second reduction in AHT for payment capture, and simplifies exception handling

Integrates with EPIC EHR to increase payment data accuracy and up to 45 second reduction in AHT with EPIC connector, leading to enhanced patient and member experience and improved star ratings for healthcare providers

Benefits of the Avaya/Sycurio partnership.

  • Process secure payments with Sycurio, preventing exposure of sensitive customer information.
  • Power PCI DSS compliant omnichannel digital payments across your business, with minimal development.
  • Allow U.S. healthcare providers to utilize Sycurio’s payment solutions to improve agent and member/patient experiences, accept payments risk free, and seamlessly update patient/member records with Sycurio’s Epic EHR connector.
  • Sycurio is a compliance-tested and strategic Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program.

Case studies:

Young man using his smartphone

Ditch Pause and Resume to streamline PCI DSS compliance.

Challenge: Companies still invest significant budget and effort managing PCI DSS controls even though they have implemented Pause & Resume.

Solution: Sycurio, integrated into Avaya’s Cloud Office platform, securely handles payment card information while maintaining real-time interactions between customers and agents.

Results: By replacing Pause and Resume with Sycurio.Voice, companies significantly reduce the scope of PCI DSS compliance in their contact center environment; while enhancing data security and protection and reduced PCI compliance scope and less PCI Compliance burden. The improved CX gives consumers experienced a seamless and efficient payment process, while companies achieve greater operational efficiencies and reduced compliance costs and workload.

African American female call center agent

Enhance contact center efficiency and security with IVR payments.

Challenge: Companies leverage IVRs to address customer inquiries but are not able to take payments securely. Payment related queries are routed to live agents, resulting in increased agent workload.

Solution: Sycurio’s robust IVR solution enables companies to seamlessly process secure IVR payments without agent involvement, which significantly reduces agent workload and improves overall contact center efficiency.

Results: Contact center agents have increased capacity and can focus on more complex customer inquiries and exceptions. Companies provide an excellent customer experience as customers benefit from both streamlined payment processes and PCI compliant payments, enhanced security, and minimized risk of data breaches.

Asian single father paying online with credit card

Empower secure payment processing via chat for a seamless customer journey.

Challenge: Companies have invested in agent chats and chatbots to enhance customer experience, but these digital channels are not enabled to take secure payments; customers are still required to make payments over the phone.

Solution: Sycurio.Digital API is designed to facilitate immediate, secure, and customer-friendly payment links through digital channels.

Results: Faster and more efficient payment transactions have led to measurably better customer experiences with improved CX. Customers can initiate and complete payments within the chat interface, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Agents are empowered to live-track every stage of the payment transaction without being exposed to sensitive data, ensuring a secure and transparent process for both customers and agents. Transactions can be processed seamlessly through digital channels without the need voice agent intervention and every chat payment link generated through Sycurio.Digital is secure and PCI DSS compliant.

Caucasian doctor and patient talking in hallway

Deliver operational efficiencies while enhancing patient payment experiences.

Challenge: Benefits providers and pharmacies leverage Epic’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system but face the challenge of taking secure payments within their existing Epic instance. They needed a solution that would enable customer service representatives to securely process payments over the phone while ensuring compliance with PCI DSS.

Solution: Sycurio.Voice Epic Connector provides a tailored solution designed to facilitate streamlined, secure, and PCI DSS compliant telephone payments for both patients and agents.

Results: Seamless integration with SycurioVoice Epic Connector provides secure payment capture functionality into their existing Epic instance, allowing their customer service representatives to initiate and process payments directly within the EHR system. Epic customer records are automatically updated in real-time, providing accurate and up-to-date information within the EHR system. Pharmacies and providers can serve patients faster and more efficiently with improved patient and member experience.

Integration of secure payment capture functionality within Epic streamlines payment processing workflows, reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency for staff. Payment pages are instantly delivered and validated via Epic’s enhanced operational efficiency.

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