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Integrated voice calling:

Build the apps and integration your business needs in a fully functional, robust phone system. And don't pay for features you don't need.

Automatic speech recognition

Customers can navigate your voice menus and IVRs by simply speaking their selection.

SIP registration

Keep what you've got and connect your existing telephony infrastructure, including your IP PBX and SIP endpoints, to the cloud.


Enable your app to convert written text into natural sounding voices, with over 20 supported languages.

Global phone numbers

We provide global support for numbers, as well as toll-free numbers, across 12 countries (and counting). 


Add voice conferencing to any app and enable multiple parties to connect by calling the same number, all while maintaining full host control.

Call analytics

Avaya Communications APIs provides real-time analytics for every call, including tracking, and background information on the caller.


Gain access to hybrid, keyword, and automatic, near real-time transcription of voice calls.

Voice effects

Add voice effects to your calls by augmenting things like pitch, temp, bitrate and octaves. Play around and let us know what effects you make!

Interactive voice response

Enable powerful self-service with voice menus that let callers navigate and find information by calling your main number. You can interrupt live calls and send or recognize DTMF audio tones.

Split channel call recording

Easily record, store, and analyze the content of calls with the ability to record participant channels separately for quick access.

Caller identity management

We protect your customers' and employees' identities by masking each of their caller IDs during the process of a call.

Inbound call processing

We process each inbound call in a developer-friendly format, so you can manage calls and ensure the best experience for your customers.

Embedded AI in any conversation

Avaya Communications APIs numbers can easily be associated to AI-enabled conversations from leading AI providers such as Google Cloud, IBM Watson, and Avaya-enabled AI partners.

Call tracking

Track call data and gain better insights into your customers and campaigns to improve lead-nurturing.

Phone numbers:

Buy local and toll-free numbers from Avaya, fully online and with no provisioning required: one carrier, global coverage, simple pricing.

Shared short codes

Lease existing, pre-approved short codes that are instantly provisioned so you can schedule SMS and MMS in bulk from one number.

Dedicated short codes

Instantly provision dedicated short codes for your high-throughput engagement campaigns so you can schedule SMS and MMS in bulk from a single number.

Local phone numbers

Get local phone numbers, so regardless of where you’re located, you can talk to your customers with a local identity.

Toll-free numbers

Obtain toll-free numbers in 12+ countries, starting as low as $2 per month with no volume restrictions for starting voice calls or sending messages.

Global API-enabled provisioning

Easily provision global DID and toll-free numbers, and robust IVR and AI-enabled conversations with API-enabled number provisioning.

One-click enablement

One-click enablement with Google CCAI for AI-enabled voice and messaging applications.


Custom build all the messaging capabilities you want to ensure that every customer interaction is seamless.


Enable your applications with the ability to send multimedia content, such as images and videos, via text messaging.

Reliable, scalable messaging

Automate messages to remind your customers of important information or support ongoing conversations with customers when issues arise. 

Two-way SMS

Receive text messages for free and only pay per message on outgoing messages.

Free inbound messaging and SMS-enable existing numbers

Port existing local or toll-free numbers while enabling them for SMS or MMS, all without having to change your number. Schedule and send multiple messages per second by leveraging shared or dedicated short codes for virtually limitless bulk messaging.

Bulk messaging

Receive real-time analytics detailing the delivery status of each SMS. This gives you the ability to easily measure performance and track the success of your marketing or outreach campaigns.

Delivery analytics

Give mobile and web apps the ability to support messaging with flexible options to fit any sized business.

Custom sender ID

Alter the sender ID of your SMS so it will appear with a local identity. It's useful for support when multiple employees can interact with a customer from the same number from one of your registered numbers

Automatic long texts splitting

Support for concatenated SMS means you don't have to worry about the length of text messages. Long messages are split in the background, but customers receive only one simple SMS.

AI plus SMS & MMS

Easily associate toll-free and DID-enabled SMS and MMS services to any AI-enabled conversation from leading AI providers such as Google Cloud and IBM Watson.

Polling and surveying

Obtain valuable insights by deploying automated polls and surveys to gauge customer attitudes and opinions.

Lookup services:

Deploy worldwide carrier lookup for insights on call origin, and segment numbers to help sales and marketing, reduce spam, and increase compliance.

Worldwide carrier lookup

With just a phone number, you can look up information about the number, including items like the country code, carrier, and if the device is a mobile.

BNA lookup

Use Billing Name Address (BNA) lookup to find the physical location and name associated with a phone number, available in regions with a +1 area code.

CNAM lookup

Look up the caller name (CNAM) and ID information of a phone number for a person or company.

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