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At Avaya, our goal is to make people feel special everywhere they connect with our brand. We’re proud to sponsor these individuals who exemplify “experiences” with their positive vibe and drive to live life to the fullest.

Sophie Hart and Nathan Fa’avae

Nathan Fa’avae and Sophie Hart

Best friends who have shared countless thrilling adventures.

Their journey as adventure racing teammates began in 2008 when they joined the prestigious New Zealand adventure racing team, renowned for its unparalleled dominance in the sport on a global scale. Their bond was forged through the shared experience of paddling together, covering thousands of miles in various types of canoes and kayaks across numerous countries.

These two extraordinary individuals have notched up multiple victories in the World Adventure Racing Championships and the GODZone Adventure Race and even conquered the formidable Eco Challenge, widely recognized as the toughest race in the world. The unyielding challenges of world-class endurance events and the demanding nature of endurance paddling are familiar territory for this exceptional pair.

Racing as Team Avaya, Sophie and Nathan aim to amplify their journey as they compete in the 2024 Yukon 1000, starting from Whitehorse, Canada, on July 12th. As one of 23 teams, they will tackle one of the world's toughest endurance challenges, paddling 1000 miles along the Yukon River to the finish in Alaska.

Nathan Fa’avae and Sophie Hart

Yukon 1000—The world’s toughest survival and endurance race.

For 18 hours a day, challengers in the Yukon 1000 navigate treacherous whitewater, dodge fallen trees, and decipher poorly mapped channels—all while braving the territory of grizzly and black bears. Entirely self-sufficient, teams sleep under the stars and must endure in the truest sense of wilderness survival. One misstep could mean retracing their route through some of Earth's most remote and inhospitable terrain.


Days to complete the challenge


Miles of untouched wilderness


Support unless your life is in imminent danger

1,000 miles of paddling

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