High-Quality HD Video Conferencing for Your Customers

Bring Your Video Conferencing Service to Market Rapidly

  • Get to market fast with your Video as a Service (VaaS) solution powered by Avaya Scopia® for enterprise customers. Reduce the risk and burden of a large upfront capital investment in hardware, software, licenses, and support—yet still achieve a fast ROI.
  • Host and maintain the video solution infrastructure, while your customers deploy just the endpoints. Support personal endpoints, desktop and mobile applications, and video room systems.
  • Start your VaaS with an initial low down payment and a recurring monthly fee based on actual usage of the system and services. Our cloud-enabled solution for Video Conferencing is licensed on a utility model where you pay only for licenses used by your customers, not for additional unused capacity.
  • Expand as needed, but don’t incur significant upfront costs. When you don’t pay for idle capacity, you gain greater control over cash flow and expenses.

Out-of-the Box Multi-Tenancy

Centralized management and optimal resources sharing enable you to offer different plans to different customers with real sharing of infrastructure and resources.

Extensive Accessibility and Interoperability

Support any protocol, any video conferencing system from any leading vendor, on any desktop or mobile device, and in any location.

Utility Pricing

The pay-as-you-sell model reduces your risk of investing in deep initial upfront costs.

Industry Recognition
Avaya Receives 2015 Cloud Computing Excellence Award from TMC

Avaya Receives 2015 Cloud Computing Excellence Award from TMC

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HD Video Meeting Rooms

HD Video Meeting Rooms

Offer your customers high-definition video quality with a true dedicated encoder per participant. You can enable advanced video features and controls for a better video communications experience and effective collaboration between teams.

Content Sharing Capabilities During Video Meetings

Content Sharing

To create better team engagement experiences, users can share content as part of every video meeting. This capability is available for all video participants across all devices, including room systems, and desktop and mobile devices. The content sharing functionality can be integrated in the users’ main video layout or on a second screen when available.

Support the BYOD Wave

Support the Bring-Your-Own-Device Wave

Support any devices your customers may have. Easy-to-use, one-touch applications let you support BYOD without compromising the video experience. Avaya provides freely distributed video conferencing applications for desktop (Windows or Mac OS) and mobile devices (iOS or Android).

Securely Access Your Service Video Network with VaaS

Secure Connectivity

Enable your customers’ remote endpoints to securely access your service video network. Avaya provides a complete firewall and NAT traversal solution. You can maintain the security and advantages of firewall and NAT over video networks and allow seamless integration with your customers’ existing video conferencing solutions. Additionally, there’s end-to-end security of management, control, signaling, and media using HTTPS/SRTP/TLS/H.235.

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