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August 26, 2022

What is Avaya Cloud Office?

A cloud communications solution that works the way you do, where you do, is no longer the wave of the future — it’s here, now. Avaya Cloud Office® by Ring Central is more than just a phone system; it’s a versatile, unified communications solution using the power of cloud.

What to Know About Cloud Communications Platforms

Today’s businesses are evolving their processes, from figuring out how to hire and onboard new talent both in-office and remotely, to finding the most effective ways to communicate with a disparate set of departments, employees, and even customers on day-to-day tasks. A cloud communications platform provides everything employees need to be effective communicators, all on a single device, from anywhere they may be. This simplification in communications not only allows for smoother operations across an organization, but also delivers greater cost savings.

Functionality for Companies of All Sizes

If you talk to the leading businesses with the most cohesive and efficient processes today, they all use some form of cloud communications. Calling, chatting, and meeting is easier when you can combine what may be a spawl of communication modes into a single, easy-to-use tool, bringing a unified functionality to both in-person and remote workers. Businesses find that they can easily revolutionize their communications system just by putting a holistic platform in place.

Plus, the new way of working has arrived, whether that means completely remote or a hybrid work arrangement. And life has, in some ways, never been easier. Removing the commute to and from the office has allowed workers to not only get back extra time but to also become more productive during their work hours. Happier people means more engaged employees — and that’s good for business.

Case in Point

Last year, Louisiana-based, Nicholls State University, went “off-campus” for this first time in its history and stayed connected through the cloud. Prior to Avaya Cloud Office, the university had no remote work capabilities and now found itself needing greater agility to the adapt to the needs of its students and staff. Transitioning to a cloud communications platform provided them with a work-from-anywhere solution — enabling calls, messaging, meetings, and greater collaboration between the university’s faculty and staff, and maintaining the lines of professional communications with students. Listen to their experience with Avaya Cloud Office.

“We migrated over to the Avaya Cloud Office product, which was a huge, huge upgrade offering a much more diverse solution for our university.”

- Slade Besson, Director of Telecommunications and Networking, Nicholls State University

Calling with Voice and Video

Remember that joke about having a phone that does everything except make phone calls? Not so with Avaya Cloud Office. Employees can be reassured knowing that a cloud communications platform will work when they’re in-office, on the go, or at home. Now, calls are HD-level quality, ensuring that at those times when it’s just easier to pick up the phone, everyone on the call will receive a crisp, clear signal to avoid any stuttering, choppiness, or dropped conversations.


Messaging is a key component of today’s technology that empowers employees to work from anywhere in the world — even while they’re on a “work vacation.” Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes to spark inspiration, find balance, and achieve more. With messaging, entire teams can connect across the globe, send internal 1:1 messages, or take part in group chats. And, in the U.S. and Canada, businesses use SMS for instant customer outreach. A platform like Avaya Cloud Office allows for this messaging capability to live in an all-in-one app on nearly any device an employee uses.


Meetings are a breeze for anyone, anywhere, with video conferencing. And unlike walking into a conference room and trying to get all the equipment to work, sharing presentations, documents, and other content is simply done from an employee’s laptop. Virtual meeting rooms allow you to collaborate when you’re in the office or at your home office, seamlessly. And people can easily join a meeting at any time — whether it’s scheduled in advance or in the moment.


It’s time to understand and improve upon what’s going on in your business and doing so involves the data surrounding your office communications. For example: how long does it take for customer calls to be answered? How long are your customers on hold? How many abandoned calls do you have per day? We all know by now that understanding the business analytics — even if reporting isn’t necessarily in your purview — is imperative to understanding what you need to do to optimize every channel, every process, and every step. Taking action towards growth is important; formulating a plan based on evidence is the best way to achieve success.

App Integration

Many businesses already utilize a variety of technologies from video conferencing to internal chat and task management to communications systems, and sometimes leverage several options for each. These multiple solutions may be necessary due to internal rules and regulations, or sometimes customer conversations simply require a specific application. The key is to stop this tech sprawl by bringing all of your tools under one centralized solution. That’s where the “unified” part of unified communications comes into play.

Avaya Cloud Office integrates with Avaya Experience Platform as a single solution that provides value in the form of the total experience, regardless of how you handle customer interactions. This is a complete solution designed to benefit both customers and employees.

In addition, our unified communications solution integrates with over 200 business applications from major software developers. Chances are good that we support many of the apps your organization uses every day.

How Avaya Can Help

Engaging with your remote or hybrid team can be a challenge — an integrated communications platform makes it easier. This is the value you get from Avaya Cloud Office, where you can call, meet, message, and more.

Learning more about everything a unified cloud communications platform has to offer is the first step to making sure your business is set up for success as it continues to scale and grow. Avaya representatives are available to help aid in the transition of moving to the cloud — reach out today.

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