Kroenke Sports & Entertainment Partners with Avaya to ‘Up’ their Fan Engagement Game at Pepsi Center

In partnership with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, Avaya extends the VIP experience to all areas of the Pepsi Center with fan engagement digital touchpoints. A VIP experience now means more than just courtside, center-ice, glass means creating a fan engagement experience for everyone in the arena that gives them mobile, social, digital touchpoints that make them truly feel like a ‘very important person’. 

As mobile, social activity continues to surge and become dominant fixtures in the way we communicate, it is critical to provide a fast and reliable environment to support these types of interactions. Fans are mobile. Fans are social. Fans are the voice of this generation of sports. 

Smart venues like the Pepsi Center need a flexible, secure and powerful network to provide this “VIP” type of connected experience throughout their arena, and Avaya’s 21st-century technology does just that. We have unleashed the power of Avaya’s WiFi and wireless networking equipment at Pepsi Center, which enables fans, staff, players, and other attendees to connect at key moments. 

Hosting more than 200 events per year, with home court advantage for professional NBA and NHL teams the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, Pepsi Center is also ‘home away from home’ for many entertainment, theatrical and other events passing through the Denver metropolis. Performances from superstar icons like Adele, Janet Jackson, Coldplay, and Maroon 5 draw crowds that are seeking a fun experience at the Pepsi Center and opportunities to become more engaged, social, and share their special moments. 

We’ve seen fans engage with mobile technology more than ever during gameplay for major sporting and entertainment events indicating they want to be as ‘up to the minute’ as possible with what is happening on and off the “field of play”. With over 325 access points, we’re ensuring  that fans are ‘in the know’ before, during and after they visit Pepsi Center. 

Pre-game, fans may be riding in on a train and want to get up to speed with player stats, injury lists, starting rosters etc. During the game, connecting on social media provides additional channels to see who is in attendance from your extended network while staying connected. For all these reasons and more, it is imperative that arenas are ensuring a great experience on mobile with a scalable and robust mobile fan engagement environment

On-site amenities enable groups to meet up for a pre-game appetizer at the Peak Pub or have an early dinner at the Shock Top Lodge. With many concession stands and merchant stores throughout the arena, this broad portfolio of events attracts a diverse crowd to the Pepsi Center all year long, further demanding fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for all types of users, operations staff, and players which is supported through Avaya’s smart venue solutions and fan engagement services.

What People Are Saying

  • ...we can listen to radio over wifi in Pepsi Center now (@sfdegraff)
  • Pepsi with wifi!!!!! (@manoftomorrow01)
  • I'd like to thank @Avaya for the Wi-Fi at Pepsi Center. Huge improvement over no wifi at all last season (@shallanelprin)

Further enhancing the gameday experience, Avaya’s fan engagement wall allows users to interact with each other through social media through a large-scale digital installation. Fans can also visit the wall to view key player/team stats or check what’s coming up in Pepsi’s calendar of events, further enhancing the gameday experience. 

Located outside of the Avaya Business Center, the fan engagement wall at Pepsi Center streams fan-generated Twitter and Instagram messages directly on the wall within seconds so that fans are not only engaging with content but a part of it too! The best part is, anyone can be a part of the community... the next time you visit share your special moment using one of the following hashtags: #denvernuggets, #coloradoavalanche, #mammothlax, #coloradorapids, and #pepsicenter

Avaya’s cloud-based technology, Wi-Fi services, and fan engagement wall exemplify the digitization movement Avaya is creating at smart venues across the world for a more integrated approach to fan engagement. We do it for the fans!