Avaya Stadium and SJ Quakes Better Together with Digital Tickets

We’re digitizing the live sports experience one ticket at a time. Kickoff for the 2017 soccer season at Avaya Stadium shook hands with the mobile ticketing era where the San Jose Earthquakes are proud to be one of the first MLS teams to go with 100% digital tickets. The Avaya Stadium mobile app is your all-access pass to everything you need for your gameday experience with your tickets right in the app. Digital tickets resonate with an anywhere, anytime, mobile-first mindset that goes hand in hand with the modern sports fan.

San Jose Earthquakes COO Jared Shawlee proclaims that 100% digital ticketing is made possible for the 2017 season through Avaya’s resilient wireless network “ecosystem that allows us to trust ticketless entry on every device”. Richard Fedesco, Vice President of Business Operations and Analytics, further explains that “with the infrastructure we have in place, we want to be a leader in technology as a team, and be one of the first MLS teams to go ticketless”.

As such, Avaya’s wireless solutions ensure an uninterrupted gameday connections across 158 outdoor access points, and 24 indoor access points to support over 6,000 concurrent users. Flexible and reliable provisioning enables the Earthquake’s operations to deploy secure and private networks as needed to meet fan, staff, and press Wi-Fi demands.  

This goes beyond the stadium gates. Digital ticketing has also been extended to parking operations for stress-free arrivals and an enhanced fan engagement experience before crowds even step foot on the concourse. No more hangtags or print-outs of parking validation, fans simply just show their parking pass in the mobile app, and just as quickly be on their way. This eliminates long lines and improves the ingress/egress format for home games.

Other benefits acknowledged by the @Quakes74 team include:

  • Convenient online ticket management to print, transfer, and sell tickets

  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen or forgotten tickets

  • Quick and easy mobile access to Avaya Stadium

  • An eco-friendlier process

  • Can also be added to Apple Wallet for iOS users

Powered by Avaya’s 21st-Century technology and solutions, getting to a Quakes game has never been easier. Fans no longer have to worry about forgetting their ticket, misplacing it, or accidentally throwing it away, because it’s on their mobile device. And let’s face it, our mobile devices are always with us. In fact, people spend all “wake hours” with their mobile devices, approximately 17 hours from 7am - 12am. But hey that’s ok, because other in-stadium digital touchpoints are also accessible straight from the app, such as: seating diagrams, stadium maps, activity stream, social media, merchandise, season schedule, player bios and more…

With an average 2 devices per person, mobile tickets were the next logical step in digitizing the sports experience and keeping fans connected as they pass through the gates and back out again. No matter where they are, from the parking lot, to the concourse, to their seats, the Avaya Stadium mobile app provides access to important gameday information.

A ⅓ of the regular season games have already been played, adding up to over 162,000 fans walking through the gates with a simple flash of their mobile phones. Season ticket holders, fans, and visitors alike now experience easier ticket management, shorter lines, and less hassle when they visit Avaya Stadium. These types of innovations are what drive smart stadiums, like Avaya and #AvayaSports, to create on-site experiences like purchasing tickets, merchandise, and food easier, quicker, and more personalized for an all-access, all-inclusive mobile app experience.