What is Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)?

The Short Answer

Customer satisfaction or CSAT is a key performance indicator that tracks how satisfied customers are with an organization’s products and/or services.

As a metric, customer satisfaction is often gauged based on customer surveys and can come in several forms. It can be a number between 1 and 5, for instance, to indicate how happy customers were on average with a product or service. It can even be a percentage of total customers that were satisfied with a product or service. 

CSAT often asks customers to rate a prior purchase or experience—this score can become a key performance indicator prompting organizations to take action. A low or declining CSAT score in customer service may warrant a deeper look into service operations. Are customer wait times increasing? Are customers getting their inquiries resolved on first contact? Do customer service agents need better training to handle new types of inquiries?

Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions enable organizations to manage growing contact volumes, enable context-aware interactions, and improve workforce performance across any channel. Avaya Professional Services also delivers Contact Center Optimization and Stress Testing services. 

Keeping track of customer satisfaction and how it trends up or down is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any customer-centric organization. As competition gets tougher and companies strive for differentiation, improving the customer experience becomes ever more important to help ensure new customers are acquired and that they keep coming back. Avaya helps organizations deliver on what is needed to keep customer satisfaction high and customer engagement even higher.

Only 1 in 2 consumers say organizations learn from their feedback.
Source: BT and Avaya Autonomous Customer 2015 Survey  

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