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January 22, 2024

AI-powered Experience Management Solutions: Go Beyond CX Metrics to Insights

AI-powered Experience Management Solutions: Go Beyond CX Metrics to Insights

April Owusu

Solutions Marketing Associate

In a time when customer experience can be a key competitive advantage, obtaining meaningful customer experience (CX) metrics has posed a persistent challenge for many organizations, and solving it is crucial. Traditional methods for measuring customer sentiment, like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and after-call surveys, while widely used, have their limitations. It’s important to find ways to measure CX that enable action, analysis, and improvement. Focusing on Experience Management solutions that relate to your business outcomes builds insightful measurements of CX. When bolstered by AI, Experience Management solutions can become powerful agents of change.

What is Experience Management?

By definition, Experience Management is a way to track, measure, analyze and improve any interaction people have with the organization. Experience Management solutions differ from Customer Experience measurements like NPS because they paint a clearer picture of overall customer satisfaction. Not only do Experience Management solutions measure satisfaction, but they also help identify the factors behind satisfaction.

What’s wrong with traditional CX measurement methods?

So your NPS score went down—what’s next? Net Promoter Score offers a numerical snapshot of customer sentiment but falls short in detailing the areas that need targeted improvements. Critics also argue that high NPS scores may not guarantee sustained customer loyalty, as the methodology can overlook nuanced aspects of customer relationships. The risk of prioritizing the NPS number over underlying experience issues can stand in the way of comprehensive improvements.

Meanwhile, after-call surveys grapple with low response rates, skewing the representation of customer feedback. The limited number of questions in these surveys hinders deep insights, potentially missing the complexity of customer experiences. The timing of after-call surveys is critical as well, impacting the accuracy of feedback based on when they are presented.

If you’re relying only on NPS, surveys, or other CX measurements that only consider snapshots of data, you’re leaving stones unturned. Failing to collect real-time insights from more customer touchpoints like web, mobile apps, and social media means leaving valuable information untapped. A fragmented approach results in a lack of holistic understanding, adversely affecting the ability to provide optimal service across the customer journey.

An Experience Management solution makes business more insightful

A contact center platform with dedicated omnichannel Experience Management capabilities speeds your responsiveness to customer feedback, helping you solve issues faster and improve overall satisfaction. Real-time engagement throughout the customer journey builds deeper connections that manifest as increased customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and revenue. For example, imagine receiving an alert when a customer abandons their cart on your site, and being able to immediately ask them why through a quick survey. Not only are you collecting data on abandonment rates, but you are also gathering actionable feedback to build strategies to reduce the cart abandonment rate in real time. Experience Management gives you a robust framework for developing clearer CX metrics, KPIs, and strategies that seamlessly align organizational goals with customer expectations.

AI emerges as a game-changer here, driving analytics and predictive modeling that facilitate deeper analysis of customer feedback, enabling targeted actions on emerging trends or critical issues. Customizable dashboards put feedback data from multiple mobile and web channels in a single view, giving a comprehensive view of where in the customer journey you may need to allocate more resources. To illustrate this a bit further, imagine you manage customer experience for a bank. On your dashboard, you collect the experience quality of customer journey steps like bill payment by channel: web, app, live chat, or phone. From this dashboard, you’ll be able to get an at-a-glance view of where your team needs to drill down and improve CX—maybe there’s a glitch on the website preventing payment, or the UI of the app makes the payment button hard to find. Having this level of visibility gives you a powerfully detailed picture of customer satisfaction and actionable insights that you can quickly share with the rest of the organization.

How Avaya can help

By addressing the limitations of current CX measurement methods, organizations can not only capture insights from all touchpoints but also act quickly, engage meaningfully, and elevate the overall customer experience. It's time to embrace a holistic approach to Experience Management that transcends traditional boundaries and places the customer at the core of every interaction. Avaya Experience Platform puts you in position to elevate your Experience Management capabilities and your contact center. Learn more about Avaya contact center solutions here.

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