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Digital Transformation

The Journey Starts with Communication

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Get Ready for Change—the Good Kind

Digital transformation isn’t optional; it’s the disruptive new normal. And it starts with transforming business communications. Find out how the latest communications technology can change the way you interact with customers—and change your business.

Connect the Customer Journey

Get employees to embrace the right communication tools, and then connect customer touchpoints for a seamless journey.

Keep the Human Touch

Make automation work for you by creating the right human connections needed for truly personalized customer service.

Create a Seamless Experience

Embed communications into all processes and apps, and connect your back office with the front office to eliminate silos.


91% of companies feel that embedding communications into processes and applications is important


86% of companies want a free-flowing interaction application to support all communication channels

With Orange enabled by Avaya we are basically autonomous. In two years we’ve raised maybe three tickets and sent back two phones. What a leap forward in reliability.

Frédéric Peracini

Technical Project Manager











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