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Build the experience you want. Communications-enable apps with the workflow integration you need.

Create Apps Without Limits

Build and integrate apps with ease with Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). With Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, you can communications-enable applications with a platform that supports SMS, MMS, voice, messaging, and digital channels.

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Messaging (SMS, MMS and WhatsApp)

Messaging (SMS and MMS)

One-Click Google Contact Center AI Integration

One-Click Google Contact Center AI Integration

SIP Integration

SIP Integration

Automatic Speech Recognition & Text-to-Speech

Automatic Speech Recognition & Text-to-Speech

Call Recording & Transcription

Call Recording & Transcription

Audio Conferencing Voice Changer & Background Audio Customization

Audio Conferencing Voice Changer & Background Audio Customization

See What You Can Do With Avaya CPaaS

See What You Can Do


Build the apps and integration your business needs in a fully functional, robust phone system. And don't pay for features you don't need.


Custom build all the messaging capabilities you want to ensure that every customer interaction is seamless.

Carrier Services

Deploy worldwide carrier lookup for insights on call origin, and segment numbers to help sales and marketing, reduce spam, and increase compliance.

Phone Numbers

Buy local and toll-free numbers from Avaya, fully online and with no provisioning required: one carrier, global coverage, simple pricing.

Automate and Personalize Your Business Processes

Five Solutions for Your Retail Business

Leverage communications to keep up with constantly evolving consumer expectations.

Five Solutions for Government Agencies

Modern communications give citizens seamless ways to interact and transact with the public sector.

Five Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Make connecting with you interactive and easy—just one part of delivering a positive patient experience.

Six Solutions for Financial Institutions

Build personalized experiences and seamless interactions that make customers feel special.

We could only have done this with Avaya. Anything else would have taken an unacceptably long time, carried too much cost, reduced operational capacity at the edge, or compromised the quality metrics our customer needs to deliver.

Frank Plummer

Avaya continues to break new ground, shaping the way communications and collaboration technology addresses the future of work with enhanced customer and employee experiences.

Mary Wardley

Avaya offers tools to its customers that can create custom, yet highly flexible solutions for employees and customers. The scalability and reliability of these tools facilitate the transitions from idea to proof-of-concept to full production with ease.

Dave Michels

Flexible and Fast Pandemic Management Solutions

Be successful in your organization’s mission to manage the COVID-19 crisis. An Avaya OneCloud solution is ready to help you deliver the best possible experience during this difficult time.

  • Vaccine Administration
  • Contact Tracing
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Information Access
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Technical Resources

Find technical resources such as guides, how-to briefs, number porting documentation, and more.

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Get the answers you need by exploring the FAQs on Avaya OneCloud CPaaS.

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Harris County Public Health


Harris County Public Health Increases COVID-19 Case Investigations by 25% Using Avaya OneCloud CPaaS


Professional Services

CTIntegrations Uses Avaya CPaaS for Proactive SMS During COVID-19

Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, More Connected

IDC looks at how enterprises are using CPaaS to quickly deliver unique customer experiences—and the advantages of using Avaya OneCloud CPaaS to create innovative apps for your customers.

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Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, More Connected
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Master Class: How to Create Customer Experiences That Matter

Avaya experts explain how inbound and outbound customer interactions build off one another and how you can compose experiences that enable customers to choose the ways they consume your services and solutions. (This course was first presented at the 2021 Collision conference.)


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