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43% of companies say they are committed to hybrid cloud as a long-term strategy


80% of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions by mid 2019


79% of enterprise workloads are run in the cloud, with 41% in public and 38% in private

Key Benefits

Build Communication Apps with Ease

Build Communication Apps with Ease

Simply drag and drop communications actions into any workflow—without having to learn or understand complex programing languages.

Engage Your Customers Through Messaging

Engage Your Customers Through Messaging

Connect with customers instantly, easily add messaging to any mobile or web app, and send multimedia content and automated reminders.

Easily Buy Phone Numbers

Easily Buy Phone Numbers

Connect with your customers in any market using a local phone number. Get local and toll-free phone numbers across the globe.

What Can You Do with Avaya OneCloud CPaaS?


A graphical design tool enables anyone to easily build communications apps and workflows.


Build intelligent, reliable messaging apps for a powerful way to engage customers.


One simple API enables you to add voice and calling features to your web or mobile apps.

Phone Numbers

Buy local and toll-free numbers and short codes, fully online and with no set-up required.

Carrier Services

Gain valuable insights into the origin of your callers to help you nurture sales leads, analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and prevent fraud and spam.


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