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Make Every Experience Memorable

An experience that feels personal, intuitive, and effortless is one that people remember. Avaya OneCloud is how you create and deliver these in-the-moment experiences that matter.

Powered by AI, our experience platform connects your business, your customers, and your employees with everything they need, at the speed they need it. You gain everything the cloud has to offer—while also protecting investments and keeping your business always on.

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All About You

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud. Our hybrid delivery architecture lets you choose the cloud solution that supports the business results you want.

Innovate Now

Move at the speed of your customers. Our layered innovation, underpinned by a development platform, enables you to deliver the experiences you want, quickly.

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Know No Limits

With our multi-cloud ecosystem and AI orchestration, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Get everything you need, now and in the future, from Avaya OneCloud.

The idea of business requirements changing is not new, what is new is that communications systems and processes can now evolve with them just as quickly.

Dave Michels

Principal Analyst at TalkingPointz

The Avaya OneCloud offering delivers flexible functions, features, and value without compromise. Whether you’re a smaller company, or looking for enterprise-level scalability, Avaya OneCloud has it all.

UC Today

CCaaS Reviews, July 2020

In less than a week, Avaya deployed a fully cloud-based SaaS solution enabling employees, including contact center agents, to work from home. … (It was a) seamless transition with no interruption of service.

Mark Fernandes

CIO Hydro Ottawa

Much of Avaya’s customer base is the biggest of the big. Cloud is the future, but what flavor of cloud? Significantly, Avaya can deliver it in any format.

Zeus Kerravala

Founder, ZK Research No Jitter, 2020

The Avaya OneCloud solution is resonating with large enterprise customers who favor a private cloud model in support of specific performance, security, compliance, and customization requirements.

Rich Costello

Senior Research Analyst IDC

Hydro Ottawa

Hydro Ottawa Keeps Customers Energized With Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

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Create Experiences That Matter

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Avaya OneCloud UCaaS

Meet, collaborate and communicate easily with solution capabilities designed for today’s digital workplace—no boundaries, time limitations, or physical constraints.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Deliver memorable experiences for customers and the employees that serve them across every touchpoint, in every interaction, and throughout every journey. 

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Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

Empower developers to communications-enable any workflow or app quickly and easily so that it’s tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

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Today’s Customers Want Everything. Here’s How to Give it to Them.

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Layered Innovation When Customers Need It Most: Leveraging Avaya OneCloud

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February 26 3 min read

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Introducing Avaya OneCloud

Introducing Avaya OneCloud

The few short months I have been at Avaya have been an amazing journey and I am so proud of the critical work of the...

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August 07 4 min read

The Versatility of Avaya OneCloud

Organizations value the Cloud for constantly bringing fresh ways to source and consume technology. In that mix, you’ll find Avaya OneCloud—our framework designed to support both your current and future business needs—with a subscription model that simplifies your communications purchase process. Now all Avaya communications software can be sourced, delivered, and consumed as a service.











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