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Compose Experiences for Customers and Employees

Gain deep flexibility within your tech stack: instead of writing custom workloads, create on the fly. With the Total Experience platform from Avaya OneCloud, you can compose the experiences that each moment demands—for customers and employees alike.

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Change the Way You Interact with Customers

Embed audio, video, or chat into your current solution. Or make it easier for employees to collaborate by optimizing workflows. And do it your way:

  • Add new capabilities to a solution you already have.
  • Start fresh with our packaged communication and collaboration solutions.
  • Have Avaya Experience Builders bring your ideas to life.

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Build Composable Communications with a Multi-cloud Approach

To effectively build composable communications, enterprises around the globe are taking a new, multi-cloud approach. Cloud archetypes should be interconnected, not used in silos. Access this e-book by ZK Research to learn more how a composable solution can give your business a competitive edge.

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Bring Your Great Ideas Here

Whether you need help creating a solution or you’re a developer, you’re in the right place. Avaya Experience Builders is a community of Avaya customers, partners, and experts bringing together resources, skills, and technology. Join in to compose your next great effortless solution.

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Behind the Scenes: Avaya Experience Builders

AI and Data-Driven Automation

See how Avaya Experience Builders take the composable building blocks in Avaya OneCloud to add calling, messaging, and more to virtually any kind of app.

Composable Workstream Collaboration

See how Avaya Experience Builders meet unique needs with embedded audio, video, chat, screen sharing, space management, and more from Avaya Spaces.

Gartner on Composability

Composability is both the art and science of combining technologies to create amazing, constantly evolving experiences and outcomes. See why Gartner says you should be developing with composability by 2024.

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Make customers feel special every time they connect with your brand. Give employees AI-powered tools to keep them connected. And be ready to pivot continuously to meet ever-changing needs.

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