The New Rules of Engagement

How to Succeed in 21st Century Business Communications



Engagement happens when we form meaningful, communications-empowered connections among individuals, teams, contacts, and customers. It supports participation across time and space and on any device, and leads to better business outcomes: more productivity, loyalty, enthusiasm, customer satisfaction, customer advocacy.

Some believe that enterprises should behave more like consumers—become fully open and transparent with all data and information. However, Avaya is standing up for a controlled approach to business communications.  We believe the successful enterprise will be the one that shares the right information, at the right time, through the preferred method, and in the right context.

At Avaya, we are driving “The New Rules of Engagement.”

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Midsize Companies: See How to Use Engagement to Accelerate Growth

Effective communications technology can help midsize companies seize new business opportunities. Use Avaya communications solutions and know-how to build engagement into your business. When your teams and customers are communicating easily and efficiently, you can gain productivity, customer loyalty, and revenue. Read how midsize companies can use engagement to drive business successes:

Midsize Companies: See How to Use Engagement to Accelerate Growth
Learn More About Engagement

Learn More About Engagement

Read the latest on engaging for success: engaged employees, engaged enterprises, and the tools that make it happen.

Avaya Defines Engagement

Written by Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy, our extensive “New Rules of Engagement” white paper helps chart the course for 21st century business communications where open yet controlled information is critical and context drives success. You can get the highlights in our condensed “New Rules of Engagement.”

“Business leaders who believe enterprises should behave more like consumers are naïve, and they’re putting their companies at risk.”
The New Rules of Engagement white paper
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