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Pandemic Management Solutions You Need Now

Even with the workload and stress of a pandemic, you can ensure citizens, patients, and everyone you serve receives the best possible experience. An Avaya OneCloud solution is ready now to help you with vaccine administration, contact tracing, testing, and information access.

Your Foundation for Delivering the Best Experience

Scale as Needed

Ramp up and move with the speed, agility, and flexibility you need to manage massive demand.

Improve Information Access

Tailor communications to the individual user, their context, and the touchpoints they choose.

Free Up Staff

Automate to minimize manual work and let your team focus on other priorities.

Pay Per Use

Pay only for what you use. Cancel at any time.

Ensure Compliance

Rely on Avaya enterprise-grade solutions that meet compliance requirements like HIPAA.

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Flexible and Fast Vaccine Administration

Get underway with our suite of apps designed to help you be successful in every detail of your vaccination mission.

  • Provide awareness and support for citizens and patients
  • Recruit and onboard qualified staff
  • Manage and track the dosing administration process

Streamline Your Contact Tracing Processes

Automation and AI deliver the fastest, deepest solution for contact identification, information collection, and communications.

  • Employ AI virtual agents for patient contact, with easy fall back to live agents when needed
  • Enable cloud-based proactive notifications to automatically reach out with alerts, optional response tracking, text interaction, and auto-forms
  • Enable automated outbound voice calls, SMS, and email for outreach to people and their contact circles
  • Get up-to-the-minute insights from robust reporting
Streamline Your Contact Tracing Processes
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Deliver Organized, Efficient Testing

From first inquiry to test administration to reporting results, provide a clear, efficient path for people to get screened and take appropriate action.

  • Provide self-service access to public information
  • Automate registrations and appointments
  • Manage check-in and care—at the clinic or curbside
  • Set up results notification—inbound or outbound

Connect People to the Resources They Need

As you keep your part of the world informed and protected, use technology to streamline, automate, and track your processes and progress.

  • Provide self-service access to FAQs and public info
  • Support seamless transfer to a live person when needed
  • Make services available across channels—on the phone or online
  • Support your customer-facing team with skills routing, call recording, live monitoring, coaching, analytics
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Get the Most Out of Working From Anywhere

Overcome the collaboration limitations that can come with working from a safe distance. With the right technology and practices, you can be sure a team that’s spread apart is working seamlessly together—and delivering the best possible experience to every customer.

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