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Protect your investment in Avaya solutions with simple and automated diagnostic and IT support services resources. Interact with Avaya support personnel any time you want with fast access via the multimedia collaboration channel of your choice. To make effective use of your time and communication resources, we plan for the unplanned—proactive problem prevention, rapid issue resolution, and continual solution optimization.

Count on sophisticated IT support services, including remote diagnostics to help you detect situations that could lead to application, system, or network outages. The Avaya Diagnostic Server with SLA Mon™ technology gives early warning signs to help you take preventive actions to maximize system performance. Identify the cause of your most complex issues faster with this patented technology.

If an issue does arise, rapid resolution is your top priority. Visit the Avaya Support Website for the fastest access to the right expertise from more than 3,000 Services experts. Use Ava, our virtual agent, to get answers to more than 40% of your questions immediately. If Ava can’t help you, connect with one of our experts via Web Chat, Web Talk, or Web Video—you won’t need to retype or repeat anything. Have an unplanned critical issue? Click on our Total Service Outage button and you’ll be connected with our Emergency Recovery Team within minutes.

To help keep your network running smoothly, match your unique business needs to the right support, no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your solution. Avaya delivers 24 x7 remote technical support, parts replacement, onsite support, release management, Dedicated Technicians, Client Service Managers, and more in IT support services and solutions.

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Proactive Problem Prevention
Leverage advanced diagnostics and take proactive steps to prevent system issues.

Rapid Issue Resolution
Use the Avaya Support Website to help accelerate access to the right expertise via Web Chat, Web Talk, or Web Video.

Continual Solution Optimization
Gain your Support Advantage: 3,000 services experts, 30 support centers around the world, 2 million+ service requests handled annually, service in 16 languages, in 42 countries around the clock.

Support Services Transformation: Daunting, Doable, and Worth it

Support services leaders typically face three expectations: Increase customer satisfaction with better, faster support. Contribute to healthier margins by being more efficient. Maintain an engaged, effective workforce. These goals require more than incremental operational improvement. Make a step change—a people, process, and technology transformation.
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Avaya Global Support Services 2015 Client Satisfaction Report

After four consecutive years of improvement in client satisfaction, Avaya Global Support Services achieved an all-time high average satisfaction score between very good and excellent in 2015. Our biggest initiative in recent years has been a program to transform and modernize our support services. This transformation has provided you with faster access to support-related information and services, expanded choices for interacting with us, and automatic prevention and resolution of issues without human engagement. In addition to refining many tools and processes this past year, we also launched the Avaya Support mobile app and revamped Web parts ordering. Based on the client satisfaction survey results, the efforts behind the transformation process are bearing fruit. In this report, we share those results with you.
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The Value of Avaya Global Support Services and Support Advantage

The cost of communications downtime emphasizes the need for quality technical support. Avaya responds with support services that monitor constantly, resolve quickly and optimize continually. With Avaya Global Support Services, you have direct access to high quality, timely product information, sophisticated support tools and processes, and knowledgeable and experienced technical experts—all brought together for you in innovative ways.
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