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Many Different Locations—But Always the Same Experience

Success Depends on Everyone Receiving Your Best Experience

It’s how people work now: at home, on the go, in the workplace—and all at the same time. It’s critical to ensure a team that’s spread apart is working like they’re together. And that customers are getting your best possible experience. So, you need to make collaboration fast and easy, and keep services scoring high reviews. For employees in every role, especially customer contact agent, the latest in communications can elevate your culture, your journeys, your success.

New Ways to Get Work Done

In the new world of work, teams are taking an all-in-it-together tack. Talent, creativity, and commitment lead, blurring the lines of function and seniority. Foster team vitality with online collaboration that keeps people informed and engaged, from anywhere. Video calls are just the start—communicate all project long via ad-hoc meetings, instant chat, and file posts. Change locations, or priorities, and keep working seamlessly.

New Ways to Get Work Done
Confident call center agent working remotely.

Front Line Agents Backed by the Entire Team

In a deluge of incoming customer needs, combine the latest apps, automation, and AI to get people out of queue and matched to what they need. Help a customer by finding a subject matter expert during a brief hold. Treat every channel with equal, but tailored service—maybe add video for an “in-person” touch. Use self-service to answer frequent queries, set up convenient callbacks, and make seamless handoffs for info and agents. Anticipate inquiries with proactive outreach.


56% of global companies allow remote work


16% of companies exclusively hire remote workers


98% of people say they would like the option to work remotely for the rest of their careers

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Home Office Productivity Requires a New Mindset


Home Office Productivity Requires a New Mindset

Empower Your Remote Workers to Effectively & Securely Do Their Jobs


Empower Your Remote Workers to Effectively & Securely Do Their Jobs

Enable Work-From-Home Productivity with Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral


Work-From-Home Productivity with Avaya Cloud Office

Step Up Your Collaboration

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Create an Always-On Classroom

Educators need a reliable and organized way to keep students engaged while learning from home. An Avaya Spaces virtual classroom scales to any level. Create your room now and get 60 days free.

Keep Your Entire Enterprise Connected

Go beyond just video meetings. Avaya Spaces gives you cloud-based meetings but also delivers all-day collaboration. Get a free 60-day license for your entire organization. 











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