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Digital channels account for 42% of global contact center interactions​


The average customer service team now works with 9 non-voice channels


40% of contact center managers say their systems for digital channels are not meeting current needs

Key Benefits

Connect Every Piece of the Customer Journey

Maintain a 360-degree view of customers wherever, whenever, and however they choose to connect. Visualize the entire omnichannel journey from the customer’s perspective: where they’ve been, how they got there, and how you can support them where they are.

Move to Personalization 2.0

Stop mindlessly collecting data and start mindfully using it to create real impact. Actionably improve based on relevant insights captured across the customer journey to deliver personalized, consistent experiences across all digital channels and devices.

Do Better by Your Agents

Automatically equip agents with predictive, context-aware, analytics-driven intelligence for each customer interaction. Eliminate the hoops they’re used to jumping through by allowing them to manage all digital channels through one single, unified workspace.

Use Smart Resource Matching

Get it right the first time by automatically matching customers with the right agent based on the right information. Build customized learning algorithms that drive anticipatory engagement and turn customers into loyal brand advocates.

Capitalize on Cloud Flexibility

Choose the deployment options (public, private, hybrid) and finance models (CAPEX, OPEX) that make the most sense for your organization.

Product Information

Avaya Digital

  • Keep agents in sync and at pace with a consolidated view of customer information.
  • Remove communications chaos to keep agents fully immersed, energized and focused.
  • Data-driven insights create a deeper understanding of customer needs, naturally driving better outcomes.
Transform Your Strategy

Avaya Workspaces

  • View interaction data from multiple sources.
  • Present agents with relevant information and tools.
  • Drive better and faster decisions.
  • Improve customer responsiveness.
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Avaya IX Teamspace

  • Align your processes, people, and applications to focus on and deliver customer-first experiences.
  • Drive smarter collaboration, faster information sharing, and better decision-making among staff.
  • Connect customers with specialists faster. Increase resolution speed and satisfaction.

Avaya Agent Scripting

  • Create natural connections—whether human or automated, digital or physical, routine or sophisticated—across all channels.
  • Make your entire customer experience seamless and effortless for everyone.
  • Boost both employee and customer satisfaction scores.

Avaya Insights

  • Quickly turn data into real-time insights that your CX management can act on to deliver a better experience for customers and employees alike.
  • Utilize your people and resources more effectively.
  • See faster, better resolutions of customer complaints and service-impacting issues.

Avaya Conversational Intelligence

  • Transcribe and summarize voice interactions in real-time for deeper and more personalized engagement.
  • Tag keywords and sentiment.
  • Reduce agent after-call work.
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