AI for Customer Experience: Perceptions Shaping Adoption

AI for CX Research Report 2023


Research from Avaya Customer Experiences Services

We’re watching AI evolve at an astonishing pace, transitioning from academic debates to practical applications influencing our daily lives. Especially in customer experience (CX), AI's footprint is profound, as seen with the proliferation of chatbots and AI-driven customer support solutions. 

To study this transformation and its repercussions, we completed surveys in both June 2021 and July 2023. The data we gathered shows customers’ perceptions about AI, and customers’ level of ease in interacting with AI, including with conversational AI utilities. Explore our findings to see AI's predicted trajectory in CX.

Read about:

  • Evolving mindsets and patterns in the AI arena
  • Achieving success with AI on a global scale
  • Pragmatic conclusions and tactical recommendations 23ACES-GL-CVAICX-GT 23ACES-GL-CVAICX-GT

AI for Customer Experience: Perceptions Shaping Adoption null

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