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Multiexperience Contact Center

Today's Everything Customer Expects Everything

Serve the everything customer—who wants to be left alone, yet remain connected to you. Who wishes to be treated equally, yet served uniquely. They want it all and more. And it’s constantly changing.

Improve the Customer Experience

Employees with the right tools are engaged to help create memorable customer experiences. Connect customer and employee touchpoints with 360-degree visibility, convenient co-browsing, easy CRM integrations, and more.

Match Your Customers with the Right Employees

Deliver quality customer experiences every time. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS intelligently pairs customers and employees with the right resources at the right time.

See the Journey From a Customer's Perspective

AI-powered workflows give employees context and virtual assistance to create memorable experiences, while campaign management tools deliver organizational-level insights.

We had high expectations for the Avaya platform. However, customer excitement has far exceeded even our expectations.

Michael Baker

VP Telephony and Emerging Technologies C3I Solutions

What You Can Do With Avaya

Maintain a Clear and Consistent Voice

Your customers expect a personalized experience across all channels, including voice. With Avaya OneCloud CCaaS customers and employees can effortlessly stay connected across voice, text, email, chat, social, web and self-service options.

Support Multiple Digital Channels

Give your customers an effortless experience however they want to connect via text, email, social media and more. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS enables flawless customer interactions as the everything customer changes modality preferences.

Excel in a Mobile World

Offer more to mobile callers. Quickly identify mobile callers and serve them a uniquely mobile experience. Reduce toll-free charges, and leverage digital deflection—including virtual agents, web experience, and self-service channels—to improve employee performance and increase efficiencies.

Create Stronger Relationships

Build great partnerships. Using AI, identify subtle and valuable patterns of human interactions to pair callers with the employee best prepared to create a personal connection and deliver the experience that leads to real results.

Gartner Reports on the Future of the Contact Center

By 2025, technology changes how you’ll work to serve customers. Start evolving now to usage-based software, AI-infused interactions, and completely mobile tools and teams—so you can deliver intelligent experiences that are the talk of your client base.

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A Look Inside Our Employee Desktop

Screen Shots for Agent Desktop

  • Personalize the desktop with application add-ons and information feeds.
  • Services from CRM and business applications can be represented from any vendor.
  • See information in context, no need to flip through numerous screens when serving customers.

Screen Shots for Agent Desktop

  • Get quick access to pertinent customer information.
  • See the entire customer journey and quickly drill down on any interaction.
  • Bring together information from multiple sources—customer profiles, buying history, interaction journeys—and see it instantly in a single, consolidated view.

Screen Shots for Agent Desktop

  • Empower employees to make better decisions by enabling them to view and interact with customer journey touchpoints.
  • An event-driven customer journey map displays customer interactions in a graphical timeline view.
  • During interactions, display context-based guidance or frequently-used phrases.











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