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Automation with a Human Touch

Help customers and employees get more done. With a cloud-based contact center, you can offer powerful self-service options that elevate customer convenience and increase employee efficiency—all with the human touch that keeps everyone connected.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Anticipate what your customers want. Create effortless, personalized experiences with automated processes, self-service options, and proactive outreach available however customers want to connect.

Empower Your Employees

Free up employees with powerful customer self-service options across all modalities. Employees are available to handle more complex inquiries leading to better customer experiences and high-quality interactions.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

A happy employee creates happy customers. With speech-to-text transcription and automatic call recording, it's easier and faster to provide real-time employee feedback.

In less than a week, Avaya deployed a fully cloud-based SaaS solution enabling employees including contact center agents to work from home. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS allowed Hydro Ottawa to make this seamless transition with no interruption of service, ensuring customers could continue to communicate with the company while facilitating the safety of employees.

Mark Fernandes

CIO Hydro Ottawa

We had dozens of contact center employees adjusting to working from home. We were dealing with a huge influx in call volume ... There would have been upset callers, long hold times, and a certain decline in customer experience. The investment we made in Avaya years back has paid off.

Mark Fernandes


With card tokenization, we will likely shave about 30 seconds off a 4-minute call—and that's significant, when you realize we handle 3.3 million calls per year, more than half of which involve credit cards.

Jeanette Askin

Head of Customer Service

We had high expectations for the Avaya platform. However, customer excitement has far exceeded even our expectations.

Michael Baker

VP Telephony and Emerging Technologies

[This project] was not only an important milestone for CIEE’s digital transformation, but also a way of delivering satisfying experiences to young people entering the job market.

Silvio Soares

Technology and Support Manager

What You Can Do With Avaya

Create Stronger Relationships

Build great partnerships. Using AI, identify subtle and valuable patterns of human interactions to pair callers with the employee best prepared to create a personal connection and deliver the experience that leads to real results.

Always-On Speech and Visual Self-Service

Some customers prefer to go it alone. For these customers, 24/7 mobile self-service allows them to get answers to their questions on the device they want, in the channel of their choice, without needing to speak with an agent.

Secure and Effortless Authentication

Customers want to be recognized faster while knowing their information is safe. Now you can securely and effortlessly identify and authenticate customers through voice and facial biometrics to exceed customer expectations and offer total peace of mind.

Expand Capacity, Get More from Automation

Create even smarter customer engagement. Leverage AI-enabled bots to provide 24/7 customer support, and free employees to focus on customer interactions that require a human touch.

Offer More to Mobile Callers

Connecting on mobile should never mean receiving less-than-stellar service. Quickly identify your mobile callers and offer a better experience. You can reduce toll-free charges, leverage digital deflection and self-service channels, improve employee performance, and increase efficiencies.










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