Proactive Outreach Manager

Proactive Customer Service via Any Channel

Compare Proactive Contact

  • Avaya’s premier dedicated outbound dialer
  • Ability to deliver one-way outbound notifications
  • Available in PG230 Hard Dialer or CTI Soft Dialer deployment models
  • Three types of blending
    • Predictive Agent Blending
    • Preview Agent Blending
    • Intelligent Call Blending
  • Scales up to 4,500 agents
  • Supports multi-tenancy

Compare Proactive Outreach Manager

  • Avaya’s next generation outbound solution integrates live agent dialing and automated multichannel notifications on a single platform
  • Ability to deliver two-way outbound notifications including via SMS and email
  • Available as software-based dialer
  • Skills-based inbound and outbound agent blending
  • Scales up to 2,000 agents
  • Supports multi-tenancy and zoning

Compare Outbound Contact Express

  • Avaya’s pre-integrated, turnkey outbound dialing solution, built for small and midsize businesses
  • Predictive and Preview dialing along with pre-integrated scripting, call recording, web agent, and speech analytics
  • Voice switching platform integrated via either ISDN PRI or SIP-based trunks
  • Scales up to 250 agents

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