Proactive Contact

Create and Manage Outbound Campaigns and Customer Communications

Optimize Your Outbound Call Center with Best-In-Class Predictive Dialing

  • Connect with your customers by contacting them with timely information and service notices. Enable your outbound call center to send payment reminders, announce product enhancements, explain service changes, conduct surveys, and more—all supported by a reliable, friendly interface.
  • Leverage superior call detection and the most advanced dialing algorithms available to optimize your outbound communication campaigns. Automation and inbound/outbound blending help you balance between understaffing and overstaffing. So you can minimize agent downtime and improve agent efficiency.
  • Count on Proactive Contact’s proven track record of 99.9% system uptime.
  • Watch the tangible benefits accrue as you achieve your customer satisfaction goals faster, lower your cost per contact, and get quicker payback on your investment.

Deliver the Maximum Number of Live Calls to Your Agents

Efficiently identify customers to receive a campaign’s outbound live call when you use the fastest and most accurate call detection available. The solution includes Enhanced Cell Phone Detection to improve dialing effectiveness to mobile customers.

Optimize Your Agents’ Time

Predictive Dialing helps ensure you pass only live customer calls to your agents. Preview Dialing lets agents review customer data before placing a call.

Increase Your Operational Productivity with Blending

Enable inbound agents to conduct outbound communications during lulls, and let outbound agents take inbound calls during peak periods.

Customer Story
Thanachart Bank

“Our goal was that automated dialing would have no impact on customers and the vast majority of them have absolutely no idea we’re using a predictive dialer.”

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Set Up, Manage, and Monitor Outbound Campaigns

Centralize control of multiple campaigns across disparate sites using a complete set of supervisory and reporting tools. Set up campaigns and manage multiple dialers across your organization—for example, define and manage various outbound campaigns for Marketing, Sales, and Accounts Payable all from a single system. Diagnose issues faster with real-time system monitoring. Gain insights into proactive customer service and agent performance with historical reporting that spans single or multiple systems. When integrated with Avaya IQ, you can consolidate insights on inbound and outbound blended activities.

Avaya Proactive Contact Systems Manage Service Levels

Reduce Costs with Multi-Tenancy

Cut your contact center hardware investments and administrative costs by more than half. With multi-tenancy, you can support the outbound communication needs of multiple internal business units, external stakeholders, and customers on a single system. Set up and maintain centralized administrative abilities, keeping each client organization separate.

Avaya Proactive Contact Deployment

Comply with Regulations and Manage Service Levels

Adhering to strict regulatory compliance while maintaining customer service levels can be challenging. With Do-Not-Call list management, industry-leading call detection, and Cruise Control call pacing, you can comply with even the most restrictive regulations while also maximizing your service levels. Additionally, Proactive Contact systems are actively monitored for undesirable activities so you can help maintain the security of customer information.

Contact Center Optimization

Choose the Deployment That Meets Your Needs

Deploy Proactive Contact the way you want, based on your business needs. If you need more flexibility, have lower volume needs, and do not require extensive telephony components, you have the option to deploy as a Soft Dialer through Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Or, if you require faster call switching, higher call handling capacity, and dedicated telephony switches, you can deploy Proactive Contact as a PG230 Hard Dialer.

Customer Satisfaction Levels Increase by 11% at HomeChoice

Benefits: Improved Customer Service, Increased Productivity
Topics: Customer Service, Multi-channel, Multimedia Messaging, Team Efficiency, Unified Communications
HomeChoice Case Study featuring Avaya Workforce Optimization
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