Avaya Workspaces

Your Customer Contact Data Consolidated in a Single Desktop View

Simple, Efficient and Consistent Customer Interactions

This easy desktop application collects customer interaction data from multiple sources and presents it in a single view for your quick review and actions. Avaya Workspaces helps you keep pace with evolving customer experience expectations.

  • Add this single application to your customer support team’s desktops. Designed for Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite, there’s no need to modify your Call Center Elite voice or skills routing processes.
  • Improve responsiveness to customers. Eliminate cumbersome multiple screens and notetaking from your service processes. Instead, pull relevant customer information and history from multiple sources and see it all in a consolidated desktop view.
  • Personalize customer experiences and increase revenue opportunities by enabling agents to visualize and interact with customers throughout their journeys with your company.

Streamline Customer Data

Collect and consolidate your customer interaction data from different applications including CRM and third-party systems.

Improve Responsiveness

Deliver critical customer information to agents so they can quickly conduct intelligent conversations that can generate sales, improve customer satisfaction, and drive brand loyalty.

Follow Your Customer’s Journey

Empower your customer support team to enhance each customer experience with personalized service at touchpoints across the customer journey.

Dimension Data

Agent productivity replaces first-contact resolution as top operational focus.

—Dimension Data 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report

Avaya Workspaces

Leverage Consolidated Data to Deliver Personal Service

Empower your agents to deliver enriched and personalized customer experiences by providing them with a consolidated desktop view of all relevant customer information and customer journey context. This thin-client desktop can easily be personalized for all profiles—agents, supervisors and administrators—and the intuitive, easy-to-use interface helps ensure fast user adoption.

Create the Ultimate Customer Journey

Create the Ultimate Customer Journey

Empower customer support personnel to make better decisions by enabling agents to view and interact with customer journey touchpoints. An event-driven customer journey map displays customer/agent interactions in a graphical timeline view.

Install an IT-Friendly Thin-Client Interface

Install an IT-Friendly Thin-Client Interface

Reduce the IT costs and long lead times that come with downloading and managing thick-client interfaces. This thin-client is quick and easy to install on desktops. Leverage the dynamic widget-driven layout to quickly customize the desktop with application add-ons and information feeds, further enhancing agent productivity and the customer experience.

Plus, the SDK client is decoupled from back-end systems so you can evolve to Avaya Oceana® without a rip-and-replace of your Avaya Workspaces desktop environment.

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