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Your AI-Powered Contact Center

With smart AI, you can deliver brilliant experiences (for both customers and employees) across all your touchpoints. How? Always learning, AI looks at each customer’s need and then sends them to the best-skilled and open employees. The connection comes with a ton of info—a profile, context, service options, tips—so time after time your team can create a perfectly memorable experience.

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Female contact center agent wearing a headset working in an office.

Create a better customer experience in hours

Male contact center agent wearing a headset working at home.

Reimagine your contact center with new capabilities

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See What You Can Do with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Make Each Agent a Superstar

Give your agents the ability to interact with customers across voice and digital channels from a single desktop.

See What You Can Do with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Monitor Operations at a Glance

Keep a pulse on key performance indicators by agent and team. Watch what’s happening inside your operations so you know where and when to modify service processes.

See What You Can Do with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Make Each Interaction the Best It Can Be

Route every contact to the best-equipped agent. Quickly add or modify skills to meet changing business requirements.

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In less than a week, Avaya deployed a fully cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution enabling employees, including contact center agents, to work from home. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS allowed Hydro Ottawa to make this seamless transition with no interruption of service, ensuring customers could continue to communicate with the company while also facilitating the safety of employees.

Mark Fernandes, Chief Information Officer, Hydro Ottawa

Four Ways CCaaS Delivers a Better Employee and Customer Experience

For business success, experiences—both customer and employee—matter more than anything else. Engaged, empowered employees in your contact center have a direct and positive impact on your customer experience. Learn about the four pillars that can support your essential customer experience in 2021.











Working online at home

Reimagine Your Contact Center with New Capabilities

Make experiences memorable across all touchpoints for both customers and the employees who serve them. New technology and seamless solutions make it possible.

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