Creating Positive Change in the World

Making a Difference

“As a global software and services company, we aim to lead the industry with best-in-class products and solutions, and to reflect our spirit in everything we do, from upholding high ethical standards in the ways we conduct business to volunteering in our local communities and designing products that are energy efficient and require less hardware.”

 Jim Chirico, President & CEO

Corporate Responsibility

At Avaya, we recognize that we have a unique opportunity to have positive social, environmental, and economic impact through our employees, customers, solutions and services, and suppliers. We call this our Corporate Responsibility.

Our Commitment

We will realize positive change in the world through transforming the modern workplace, embracing Avaya technology, inspiring suppliers, and improving the value of customer investments and reducing the cost of ownership. Our success will result from our employees, customers, technology and suppliers effectively building competitive advantage.

Our Goals

People and places inspire meaningful work in our campuses around the world and in the communities where we live and do business. Products and suppliers promote ethical sourcing and responsible product design. Delighted customers accelerate their missions while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Corporate Responsibility Report

The Avaya Corporate Responsibility report illustrates our commitments and progress to date.

FY17 Corporate Responsibility Report >

FY16 Corporate Responsibility Report >

FY15 Corporate Responsibility Report >

FY14 Corporate Responsibility Report >


Corporate Responsibility Policy

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy provides the foundation for guiding our business and operations.

Corporate Responsibility Policy >

Human Rights Policy

Avaya believes in the dignity of freely chosen work as expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Avaya is committed to identifying risks and preventing the use of child labor, slavery, and human trafficking in our business operations and supply chain.

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement >

People and Places

We are committed to transforming the modern workplace by sparking meaningful work in our campuses around the globe and in our communities where we live and do business. From employee engagement and volunteer opportunities, to embracing Avaya technology and implementing green innovation in our buildings, we recognize the importance of cultivating a diverse and engaged workplace that attracts and retains the best and brightest talent.

Philanthropy & Employee Engagement

Year round, employees organize and participate in team building and charitable activities that give back to the communities where we live and work. Much of this work is employee-driven and organized through Employee Engagement Committees (EECs). Additionally, in October Avaya dedicates a “Month of Giving”—a spirited campaign designed to bring together Avaya employees, suppliers and partners in making a difference across the globe.

Engaging and Efficient Workplace Environments

Employees leverage our technology to engage seamlessly with colleagues around the globe, solving problems, and driving innovation. Additionally, a transformation of Avaya Real Estate space is under way to improve efficiency and foster team building and collaboration. Key initiatives include the adoption of a green lease program and a focus on increasing energy efficiency in IT labs. Together, these efforts are changing the way we work and minimizing the company’s environmental impacts. Avaya adopted a science-based reduction target and was able to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions by 19 percent, exceeding the annual 3 percent absolute reduction target and our 15 percent cumulative target by 2020. 

Culture & Diversity

Our culture is rooted in our core values and commitment to Operating with Integrity, our global code of conduct. Our value as a company is realized by recognizing the value of each individual. We embrace diversity as a competitive advantage essential to our success. We are a global company in every sense—geographically, strategically and culturally.

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

At Avaya, our culture is rooted in our core values and commitment to Operating with Integrity, our global code of conduct. Globally, Avaya’s representation of females in the workforce and in leadership roles is on par with our peers in the industry.

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Products and Suppliers

Responsible Product Design & Ethical Supply Chain

We are committed to promoting responsible product design ethical sourcing in our supply chain, from prioritizing energy efficient design in our products to ensuring safe and humane labor standards throughout our supply chain. 

Product Compliance

Avaya-designed and third-party products that will be used in our solutions are evaluated to ensure that they comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

Product Design

Avaya holds ISO 14001 certification for its Design for Environment (DFE) program, a commitment to continually reduce the environmental impacts of our products throughout their life cycle. The core DFE aspects include energy efficient design, dematerialization and incorporating recycled materials into products and packaging, and designing for recyclability and upgradability.

RBA Membership

Avaya has aligned with the industry best practice to increase supply chain transparency by joining the Responsible Business Alliance or RBA (formerly the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition or EICC). Our affiliation ensures safe and humane labor standards, environmentally responsible business practices and high ethical standards in our supply chain. We have adopted the RBA Code of Conduct and include it in our contracts with suppliers.

Human Rights Policy

Avaya believes in the dignity of freely chosen work as expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Avaya is committed to identifying risks and preventing the use of child labor, slavery and human trafficking in our business operations and supply chain.

Conflict Minerals

Avaya has joined with customers and suppliers to trace the use of conflict minerals in its supply chain. This process seeks to eliminate the social and environmental harm brought from sourcing specific minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Conflict minerals include tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold and are commonly used in electronic equipment.


Avaya engagement solutions bring people together to accelerate business missions by increasing productivity while reducing security risks, physical infrastructure footprints, operational costs, and stress on natural resources.

Positive Impacts of Avaya Solutions

Our solutions are implemented across geographies and sectors, and are uniquely positioned to aid in emergency response and disaster recovery, increase and simplify access to healthcare services and education, increase problem solving and collaboration, and realize operational efficiencies through interoperable design.

Technology Benefits

From small businesses to government agencies, and non-profits to corporations, the benefits of Avaya technology include increased productivity, time savings, promotion of work-life balance, avoidance of unnecessary expenses, optimized resources, and reduction of energy consumption.

Enabling Carbon Reductions

The most significant difference Avaya can make to reduce climate change impact is through advancing customer adoption of its technology. For example, Avaya video conferencing technology can enable carbon footprint reductions by reducing the need for business travel. In FY15, Avaya customer Ballantyne Strong cut travel costs by 80 percent and GHG emissions by 27.25 metric tons of CO2e per year after implementing Avaya Scopia®.

Providing Equal Access to Technology for People with Disabilities

Even without laws and regulations protecting their rights, providing people with disabilities “equal access” to technology and information makes good business sense. When you do, a large, loyal, talented labor pool and customer base becomes available.

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